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Wear Your Voice is a digital feminist magazine for and by LGBTQIA+ Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC). We publish reported articles, features, personal essays, and critical analysis of current events, politics, entertainment, culture, sexuality, health, and more. 
Responsible and ethical journalism remains ever at the forefront of our pedagogy and praxis. WYV is dedicated to platforming and amplifying the work of those whose livelihoods are most impacted by destructive powers. Our publication and our feminism will never center or pedestal white voices, white experience, or white knowledge production. The work of the most marginalized will always be what we uplift and continually dedicate space to.
In all things, we ask: What is it that we are writing towards? What are we hoping to write into/onto the world? What is the goal of a feminist publication—or journalism at large—if it isn’t to ensure a better future, free from oppression? We know that this sounds like a lofty goal to many, perhaps even utopian, but what is the point of doing this work if it isn’t to imagine a better world? Feminist writing should provide the stepping stones to liberation and should lead to a reckoning of all oppressors. 
WYV’s political beliefs are an essential part of how we write, what we publish, and how we work with each other. In an industry where “objectivity” has long been defined by whiteness and the idea of supposed androcentric neutrality, it is our duty to correct a long-term imbalance that has benefited and reinforced white supremacy and the growth of right-wing ideology and fascism. Mainstream western news sources have been adept at remaining centrist—supporting white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy—and ensuring that the necessary groundwork for fascism was solidified, keeping BIPOC out of their newsrooms. They betrayed us and themselves by doing so. WYV exists as a force to subvert and counter this industry standard. 

What are we looking for? We are always looking for pitches and articles that seek to critically analyze entertainment, culture, news, politics, sexuality, gender, (mental) health, race, body politics, and more! Beyond nuanced and incisive critiques, we also accept pitches for (personal) essays, listicles, features, and reported pieces. We accept pitches from new writers as well as seasoned writers.
Maintaining a safe space: Before pitching and while writing any drafts, be aware of ableist language, here is a useful resource for everyone, especially writers and editors. If your piece or pitch includes descriptions of violence and trauma, please include a content/trigger warning for our editors.
How to pitch: A pitch should be thoughtful and relatively concise (250 words-ish). We only accept pitches, not complete drafts. If you are new to pitching, please answer the basics:
– What is your piece about?
– Why is it important?
– Who is it for?
– Does it approach the topic in a way that has not been addressed before?
– Why should YOU write it?
– Why is it well-suited for the Wear Your Voice audience?
– Approximate deadline
Before sending in your pitch: Be sure to check out our site to make sure we haven’t already published a similar piece. If it is time-sensitive, please state it in the subject line. Please include your pronouns and links to your socials as well. If you have bylines/clips from other publications, include them in your email to submissions.
Pitches that are incomplete or lacking in detail may not receive a response. Our editorial team reviews pitches every week and we respond to them between Wednesdays and Fridays — if it is time-sensitive, we’ll respond sooner.
Payment: All published articles are paid. Pay starts at $150 per piece and writers are paid the day of publication via Venmo or PayPal.
Are you ready? Email us at submissions@wyvmag.com
New Pitches (as of 15 September 2021):


Megan Thee Stallion + Predatory Industry Standards: We are looking for Black + Brown writers to break down the predatory nature of the music industry, especially toward Black femme artists. This piece should be a critical analysis of:

  1. Punitive/carceral ideologies within the music industry.
  2. How the language of debt/recoupment is used to leverage power against artists.
  3. “Industry gatekeeping” by labels, managers, agents, and beyond in order to keep young artists in the dark about their own careers/choices.
  4. The potential consequences of self-advocacy and how this can lead to industry sabotage.


We are looking for timely pieces covering:

Hispanic Heritage Month (15 September-15 October)

Bisexual Awareness Week (16-23rd September)

LGBTQIA+ History Month (October)

Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October)

Indigenous Peoples’ Day (11 October)

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