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Call for Submissions

What it is: A multimedia project centering the voices of Black and brown folks within the realm of body positivity, fatphobia, disability and beyond. Using our already great platform we will produce and publish a series of articles, features, essays and interviews focused on promoting marginalized voices to push back against the very white-centric world of bo-po activism and advocacy. WYV will publish content exploring culture, race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation and how these things intersect with our bodies.

Topics to Consider:

  • Gender and body dysmorphia. Challenging cisnormativity and transphobia in the movement.
  • Embodying queerness. Who gets to embody queerness and how do these restrictions impact certain queer people’s relationship with our bodies?
  • (Dis)ability. What does body positivity mean when your body is not composed in alignment with normative, ableist standards.
  • Chronic illness/pain and/or debilitating mental illness. Finding positivity in a body that will never be “healthy”.
  • Eating disorders. How people with certain body types get left out of conversations about disordered eating.
  • Dick jokes. Gender and expectations of phallic genitals.
  • Fashion, fatness, and femininity. How gendered standards of the body show up in the (in)accessibility of certain gendered clothing for larger bodies.
  • Glorifying obesity. The dehumanizing belief system behind the visceral hatred of fat people expressing any confidence or self-love.

Who should submit: Queer, trans, and disabled Black, Brown, and Indigenous writers, artists, and photographers are strongly encouraged! Even if you are not an experienced or seasoned creator, please consider submitting. We have limited space and a small budget, but our decisions on who to accept will not hinge on who is the “best” or most experienced. We want work that captures the true spirit of what we are trying to do with this campaign, and our editors will provide support! 

How to submit: Please direct your pitches to submissions@wyvmag.com using the subject “Body Positivity in Color Submission”, including a writing sample.

Submission Requirements: We will only be considering submissions by Black, Brown, and Indigenous people of color. Please include a photo and/or a social media handle with your submission. 

Submission deadline: 4th of January, 2019

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