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wear your voice

How our readers and community helped sustain our platform.

Thanks to the generosity and support of hundreds of our readers, our magazine has the funding to continue publishing dynamic and revolutionary content by queer Black, Brown, and Indigenous people of color.

Our work has been essential in providing resources for marginalized people and we were desperately sad at the idea of not being able to do so anymore. We launched our Patreon with the goal of being able to gain consistent funds after four years of self-funding the publication. As a small, independent feminist magazine without many streams of revenue, we have struggled to gain funding without pursuing paths which could dent our integrity. Because of this, we really asked our readers to come through for us, and you did! Over the previous month and a half, we have seen just how essential our readers consider Wear Your Voice to be — you managed to get us to over $3000 in monthly Patreon funds, and over $2000 in one-time PayPal and Venmo donations, which means that we will be able to continue publishing great content.

In addition to our gracious readers, we also had friends and community members help us organize a Wear Your Voice celebrity comedy fundraiser. For this, we would like to extend a huge thank you to Aida Rodriguez, Rashida Olayiwola, Cecily Strong, Melissa Villasenor, Tony Baker, Thomas Dale, Arsenio Hall, Chalk Shot and The Laugh Factory for helping us put together a much memorable evening which helped us raise over $3100K in ticket sales and donations. Every single penny goes towards paying our writers and staff, and for that, we cannot thank you enough. Your energy, your time and generosity has helped make sure our editors can keep their jobs while our writers can continue to express their perspectives and their truth.

A very special thank you must be extended to journalist and all-around amazing person, Danielle Corcione. For their birthday, they launched a GoFundMe campaign for Wear Your Voice and successfully raised $575. We would also like to thank Baron Davis, whose generous donation will help us pay writers for an entire month. Your kindness, generosity and time is greatly appreciated and was met with many happy tears from the WYV team!

Your ongoing support of our platform on Patreon will help us continue to uplift our voices as marginalized people. Our Patreon goal of $5K, enables us to pay our staff and for all content, as such, self-funding will no longer be necessary. Now that we are on steadier ground, we will be publishing Patreon-exclusive weekly content for our dear patrons because you deserve it! Our goals also include launching a Wear Your Voice podcast with interviews and incisive discussions about current news and relevant topics. We would also like to eventually extend our funding goal to be able to host retreats and networking events for writers of color, including workshops and mentoring. As a team, we have all the wonderful ideas. We just need the funding to back them and help support our community, but we believe that we will get there.

A note from our founder, Ravneet Vohra:

Over the last four years Wear Your Voice has experienced many rebirths and this past June we faced one our biggest challenges to date. Without knowing it at the time it was a testament of our resolve. Could we pull through? Would people show up for us? Could we take a stand for our own survival? With no certain future, my team and I embarked on something that challenged me personally and I felt naked—I had to do something that as a south asian woman is totally foreign to me, I had to ask for help, and I had to be ready to receive it.

We asked.

We received.

This is all thanks to you, our community of readers, supporters, new and old. Through this process, I have learned that you are only as strong as your team, you are only as strong as your community, and we rise stronger together.

If you take one lesson from our journey, believe in yourself enough to take a chance, you are supported.

With immense gratitude,


We are eternally grateful for all your support as we resume publishing fresh content this week, and we look forward to growing, healing, and resisting with you.

Don’t forget to join us on Patreon and you can always find us right here on our site, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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