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Fb. In. Tw. Be.
full moon

If you’re having trouble building a practice due to the lack of rigid schedules or want to put a little oomph behind your work, turn to the full moon — it will always smile upon you.

The full moon is source of power and energy but I often tell people that we don’t use the moon in hoodoo and conjure work. This statement is true but it’s also not the whole story. The moon in hoodoo is a powerful source of timing energy to work your fixes around. This November’s full moon, also known as the frost moon, will appear and be at its brightest and fullest tonight

Many people come to hoodoo from a Wicca or neo-paganism background in which the moon is a more prominent force in and of itself. There are spells and works that are completely moon dependent. The full moon is considered a point of power and aligned with feminine energy, especially. Although in hoodoo there are a few tricks and fixes directed at women, specifically, due to the moon cycle, it isn’t because people believe that the moon is a divine feminine energy, it’s because the moon is cyclic, and the tricks are as well.

The moon in hoodoo is a way to time things. The moon can serve as an anchor. Hoodoo is a sympathetic magick and the way we use the moon is a simple and follows function. Because we are human, we are powerful under the new moon and full moon and hoodoo makes use of these times. Even though we’re talking about the full moon here, the power is coming from us.

1. Luck, Charms, and Mojo bags

One thing you hear about when it comes to moon work is the idea of charging items in the moonlight. Hoodoo doesn’t generally do this. For the vast majority of things used in hoodoo, there’s no concept of charging them, they come with their own power. Common things like crystals which are usually charged in moonlight are not part of a hoodoo practice. Cleansing items and self is generally done with salt and spiritual baths. That being said, there is one place where the moon is used to charge: Luck charms and mojo bags.

Letting the moonlight touch a charm or mojo bag increases its luck and power. Every time the moon “passes” over it and the light touches it, it becomes stronger. This is a vulnerable practice because mojo bags and luck charms are often meant to keep secret, close to your person and not for public consumption. For the light to touch it, you must expose it.


This is also a practice of commitment. It becomes more powerful with each passing of the moon so if you are wearing it for many moons, you are committing to your own power and trust in your magick.

A lucky charm can be any curio that you wear on your person for that purpose. There are common ones like a four-leaf clover or rabbit’s foot, for instance but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a coin, a literal charm, or anything that you find luck in.

Mojo bags are made for an individual by a rootworker or conjurer. They’re not something that is mass produced and they contain roots, curios and oils inside of a small bag. They are not to be opened and no one should know what’s inside save for the person who made it and the person it’s intended for. They are worn on the person around the neck, near the heart mainly.

2. The Full Moon and Wasting

The full moon is typically seen as a time for abundance but it is also the end of a time of growth. The full moon signals that things are going to start coming down, or waning. You can use the full moon to anchor fixes that are meant to remove or waste something. As the moon becomes smaller and fades to darkness, so shall whatever you tie it to.

Traditionally this sort of work was tied to tricks to make people ill or to punish them for wrongdoing. They would get ill and better with the cycles of the moon. You don’t have to use this power in this manner (but if you feel like you have someone in your life that needs that treatment, who am I or anyone else to judge?). Instead, you can plan very fixed rituals to remove things from your life.

Whatever the thing or person is you would like to be removed from your life is, stuff its name in a lemon with red pepper. Sew it up with black thread and dispose of it on a full moon’s night, somewhere away from you. Pray to whoever you believe in, including yourself that it may be removed from you and as the new moon comes, you too will be new and free from what ails you. It is important to remember to close this ritual with the mention of the new moon. You don’t want whatever you’re getting rid of to come back up with the waxing moon.


Throughout the next 15 days until the new moon, repeat every evening your prayer. Watch for the signs that what you have called for is being removed and follow them. Don’t fight it. If you’re trying to quit smoking and you happen to walk by a store that is selling discount vapes, there’s a sign, buy one, for example. Hoodoo makes a path, you have to follow it.

3. Bringing Things to Your Door

Sometimes we want to bring things to our door. Sometimes we need people to come to us. Under a full moon, mix graveyard dirt from a friendly ancestor, rue, and just a dash of sulfur. Sprinkle this under your front step or your doormat. This is a really simple fix to bring people to your door.

By the next full moon, whoever you wanted to see should have come to your or made plans to do so. Again, it’s up to you as well. Reach out to them, this fix just greases the wheels a bit, you still have do some leg work.

4. Full Moon for Stillness

The final ritual is to use the full moon for stillness. The moon changes daily but we can use its full state to anchor ourselves. All you have to do is catch it. Take a moment out of what you’re doing, look up at it and ask that whatever you want in your life to stay still does so.

Put energy and sincerity into your request. Call on your ancestors or the gods and spirits you work with to help you, dedicate yourself to helping yourself maintain whatever is in your life that you wish to maintain.

No herbs, no candles, just you in your own power before the energy of moon. Not all of hoodoo is “showy”. Sometimes it is very quiet and is about making a commitment to yourself.


Hoodoo and the Moon

Quite honestly, you can do any of these rituals whenever you want to. That’s the beauty of hoodoo, you can do things on your own time as you need to do them. The moon just acts a handy and somewhat powerful anchor to give structure to our rituals.

The rituals I have outlined here don’t seem hard, in fact, almost no hoodoo work seems complex but they all count on the trust in your own power and ability that may be hard for new workers to believe in. Using the power and timing of the moon is a solid way to build a practice and strength in yourself. I encourage people who are new to hoodoo to try these rituals but don’t be discouraged if you don’t get results right away, you are still building your own power.

If you’re having trouble building a practice due to the lack of rigid schedules or want to put a little oomph behind your work, turn to the full moon. It will always smile upon you.




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Donyae Coles is a freelance writer. You can find her work surrounding spirituality and witchcraft on Spiral Nature. She also been published on Resist and Guerrilla Feminism.

  • bobby

    loved this so much and found it super helpful for this coming full moon<3 thank you Donyae!!

    Aug 21, 2021
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