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jaime shupe standing in stairwell

This Week in Feminism: Non-Binary Recognition, Gun Violence, Donald Trump Asks the Gays

jaime shupe standing in stairwell

Jaime Shupe (Portland, OR) is the first person in the state legally recognized as a third gender

This week was rough, but nowhere felt it as strong as Orlando.

Fuck your “moment of silence.” Silence will not help reduce gun violence.   

Trump “asked the gays and the gays answered back.  

The Oakland Police Department had a particularly intense week amidst a sex trafficking scandal and the firing of three police chiefs in seven days.  

In less depressing news, a non-binary resident of Portland, OR, Jamie Shupe, has officially been recognized as a third gender. What this means for non-binary recognition on a national level remains to be seen.

PM Dawn’s Prince Be was “set adrift” this week when he passed after a long battle with diabetes. He was instrumental to the evolution of ethereal, weird, hip-hop and his influence continues to extend to contemporary artists. He will be missed.


men and women killed in Charleston shooting

image (c) Sarah Green

June 16 was the one year anniversary of the Charleston church shooting of 2015. Sarah Green helps us remember the names of those fallen: Sharonda Coleman-Singleton. Cynthia Hurd. Tywanza Sanders. Myra Thompson. DePayne Middleton-Doctor. Clementa Pinckney. Daniel Simmons, Sr. Ethel Lance. Susie Jackson.


Ema Grey is a native of the Bay Area with a degree in Archaeological Sciences from the University of Washington, Seattle. She moved to Oakland after graduating while preparing for Graduate school, where she began working with Wear Your Voice producing and curating social media content. Her interests involve the intersection of archaeology with queer and feminist theory, body positivity, ableism, making WYV a brilliant outlet for her to continue exploring social justice and intersectional feminism while living outside the academic sphere. Ema has been working as an activist since high school, where her group of friends (with the self-coined epithet "the Pussy Posse") organized city-wide protests and walks for causes such body autonomy and Planned Parenthood. Her work in archaeology has taken her around the globe, where her interest in facilitating international conversations around women and social justice continues to flourish. As part of the team at WYV, she hopes to continue working as an active member of the community in Oakland and beyond to create meaningful dialogue and bring light to injustice. When she's not in the office or "researching" on the Internet, Ema can be found making coffee and biking around town.

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