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A photo of a woman holding a sign reading “Woman is the ‘N’ of the world ” was recently posted to Instagram by user theplugfiles.

“During the Amber Rose Slut Walk, this poster was allegedly spotted in the crowd. Two completely different topics in my opinion. There is no comparison. What do you think about it?#SlutWalk #AmberRose”

While the photo is not new, Ms. Magazine first reported on protesters holding the sign back in 2011, they  are definitely worth revisiting.


The photos first surfaced after fellow protesters took pictures of various white women holding the sign during the 2011 NYC SlutWalk.

The sign is a title reference to a popular song written by John Lennon after his partner, Yoko Ono, made the statement in 1969. The image has stirred controversy, as another example of white feminism and discounting the real life experiences of POC.

According to Ms. Magazine, the women were approached by WOC organizers who requested they removed the poster. Below, is an excerpt of a written statement by NYC SlutWalk organizer Kimberlynn Acevedo:

[alert type=red ]One of our march’s participants last Saturday held up and promulgated a racist, offensive sign. She was asked to take it down by one of our organizers as soon as it came to our attention. This sign symbolizes many of the critiques about SlutWalk not being a safe space for people of color, in particular Black women. We are taking it seriously and we absolutely condemn it and are horrified by it. This sign opposes the mission of SlutWalk NYC and its message is in direct conflict with the beliefs of its organizers. … We are meeting with many of the groups which have critiqued SlutWalk NYC directly. We are meeting with Black Women’s Blueprint. We are attending an open meeting with Sister Song. We are holding a completely open meeting on October 13 at Walker Stage from 6-8 p.m. in order to discuss how to build a fighting movement. Further, we encourage everyone to take a look at the transcripts and videos of the speeches we have posted on our website and Facebook. We know we need to grow. We have been working on growth from the beginning. There were powerful, diverse and engaging speeches at the rally, many of which directly hit upon critiques of SlutWalk. THESE are the seeds of growth in our organization. We want to start a movement that passionately wants include the voices of all people, of all survivors, of all individuals who see merit in what it is that we are choosing to combat. We hope you will join us.[/alert]


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