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These Brands Use Cannabis For Sexual Health And Wellness Needs

These Cannabis Brands Are Addressing Sexual Health And Wellness Needs

Here are a few brands working to address sexual health and wellness with their products, and why it is essential to them.

By Jordan Snowden

The legalization of marijuana in the United States, medically and recreationally, is still new and ongoing. However, even in its early phases of use, its been proven to help with a cornucopia of issues. Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and epilepsy typically come to mind first when marijuana treatment is concerned. But cannabis can also help with not-as-discussed issues such as sexual wellness and health. Here are a few brands working to address sexual health with their products, and why it is essential to them.


Launched in 2016 and initially named hmbldt – a nod to Humboldt County, California, an area known for its cannabis cultivation – dosist is a modern wellness company aiming to help naturally manage health through targeted cannabis solutions via pens (vaping) and tablets. The brand, which became dosist in December 2017, takes the guesswork out of cannabis use with precise dosages and formulas, allowing the users to receive consistent and safe results. (dosist’s name change reflects this, as it is derived from the Greek word ‘dosis’ which means “an exact portion prescribed, literally a giving or gift.”) Transparency is vital for the company; they test every single batch and post the test results online for their consumers to see.

While dosist has six pen options to choose from, two are focused on sexual health: Arouse and Passion. Arouse is a combination of THC and CBD (10:1 ratio) that is meant to awaken and stimulate the mind. This pen is best used before sex as it helps ‘get you in the mood’ by elevating energy and libido but also helps reduce anxiety and relax the consumer.

Passion effects, on the other hand, maybe most useful if consumed during sex. It has more THC then Arouse (11:1 THC-to-CBD ratio) and is designed to increase sexuality and heighten the experience via enhanced sensations.

dosist pens feature controlled heating and air-flow and will automatically shut off after three seconds indicated by a tiny vibration. This is to sure consumers are not inhaling too much and getting the exact dose for their needs. 


Yummi Karma

Like dosist, woman-owned and operated company, Yummi Karma, also believes “in the power of the plant.” Yet, their products focus on enhancing the lives of women with non-smoking options. The idea started in 2014 when Alysia Sofios and sisters Krystal and Chelsea Kitahara found very few edibles options that appealed to them as women. Fast forward to 2017, when California legalized cannabis use, Yummi Karma was the first licensed cannabis manufacturer in Orange County.

“We have always targeted women with our branding and marketing efforts,” says Krystal in a 2018 Cannabis Business Times interview. “At first, everyone thought we were cr*zy, and that there weren’t enough female customers to keep us in business. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. Currently, women are the fastest-growing cannabis consumer [demographic] and make most of the health and wellness decisions for their families. Women have embraced our products and our success is the result.”

Yummi Karma offers a range of products, from cremes to tinctures to edibles. Many of the tinctures, such as Mood Magic and Love Potion, are meant to relieve reproductive health-related issues, like PMS symptoms and cramps, and some tinctures assist with issues like insomnia and anxiety. Each one is created with MCT (fractionated coconut) oil, which “helps with digestion, improves mood and clarity of thought, and helps fight bacterial infections and viruses.”

Mood Magic, made with 240mg THC and maca root, eleuthero, dandelion root, raspberry leaf, and natural raspberry flavoring, is available to help with PMS symptoms. It provides pain relief, enhances the mood, and promotes uterine health.

Love Potion relieves anxiety and is a natural aphrodisiac made with 150mg THC and 60mg CBD with guarana, ginseng, maca root, turmeric, damiana leaf, and natural sweetener.

“Everyone in the cannabis game has the same goal,” Sofios says in a recent Sensi Mag article. “To create safe and effective products.”



THC tends to get all the credit when the word cannabis is brought up, but CBD use can be just as effective, depending on what the intended outcome is. And unlike THC use, CBD is legal almost everywhere in the U.S. minus Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Foria, another health and sexual wellness company driven by plants, offers both THC and CBD aids, for those who live in states where recreational cannabis use is illegal.

Established in 2014, Foria and was the first cannabis brand to create products designed explicitly for intimacy relief, mainly for people with vulvas. Their products include tonics, suppositories, lubricants, and more.

“Members of our community experienced enhanced pleasure & sexual renewal — and many reported life-altering relief from severe pelvic discomfort (caused by a variety of different conditions),” reads Foria’s website. “Their feedback inspired us to develop CBD-rich products like Foria Relief (the first-of-its-kind menstrual-relief suppository) and Foria Explore (a rectal suppository, formulated to enhance relaxation and ease).”

Sexual pain, during or after intercourse, can be caused by a number of things, from trauma to involuntary vaginal wall spasms (aka vaginismus) to endometriosis. Seventy-five percent of people with vaginas report experiencing sexual pain at some point in their lives. And pain during sex extends to people with penises as well. With its products, Foria aims to make sex enjoyable for everyone.

Foria doesn’t believe that “sexual intimacy, relief from pain, and general wellness are separate concerns.”  Their goal is to ensure that people are “empowering ourselves to be healthy and whole (and free of shame) while at-home in our bodies and minds, enables us to live with passion and joy in every aspect of life.”

Jordan Snowden (she/her) is a writer based in Pittsburgh, Pa. She currently curates the music section for alt-weekly Pittsburgh City Paper. Previously, she wrote the now-defunct D.C. Music Download and was a writer and editor for EDM site, edmbangers.com. Snowden covers music, literature, fashion, and entertainment.

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