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hela gay comedy festival


Hella Gay Comedy has been showcasing the funniest queers and allies in the Bay Area for over four years now. And this year will be its very first Hella Gay Comedy Festival. I co-produced the four Oakland shows with the fabulous Kimberly Rose Wendt and you should totally come and support funny Oakland queers and queer-friendly non-queers. And then go to the equally fabulous San Francisco shows produced by Charlie Ballard, Tommy Arnold, Jesus Fuentes and Carrie Avritt. Tickets are $10 a show except for the closing gala on Sunday Nov 9 (which, by the way, I will be performing in… doing a reverse-burlesque/forward-comedy act, so you should definitely come to that). Check out all the show details below and visit hellagaycomedy.com for tickets and more info!

hella gay comedy festival 2014

Nov. 5  – Underwear Comedy Night @ Club OMG, 43 Sixth St. SF. (415) 896-6473. Opening night featuring straight guys telling jokes in their underwear.  $10, Show at 8pm, 21 & over, no drink minimum; mature content; hosted by Sampson McCormick with Matt Gubser, Steve Post, Jake Hirschfeld, Mark Burg, Griffin Daley, Ken Hamlett, Michael Brandon and Trevor Shane Rogers.

Nov. 6  – Fag Hag Comedy Night @ Club OMG, 43 Sixth St. SF. (415) 896-6473. Local favorite funny ladies battle it out for the title of Miss Fag Hag 2014. $10. show at 8pm, 21 & Over, no drink minimum, mature content. Hosted by Jon Gomora with Aviva Siegal, Iris Bensen, Georgia Mae Louise, Cheryl White, Eloisa Bravo, Kazumi Kusano, Lilybeth Helson & Gloria Magana.

cougar pride flyer

Nov. 6 – Cougar Pride Comedy Show @ Rooz Cafe, 1918 Park Blvd., Oakland. (510) 267-0110. The local comedy scene’s most experienced funny ladies. $10. show at 7 pm, 21 & Over, no drink minimum; mature content. Hosted by Ira Summer with Sandra Risser, Suzy Vincent, Susan Maletta, Yvette Fernandez and Lael Gold.

butch femme comedy smackdown

Nov. 6 – Butch vs. Femme Comedy Show @ White Horse Inn, 6551 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. (510) 652-3820. This all-lesbian comedian line up pairs gal with gal; may the best Butch or Femme lesbian win! $10. Show at 8:30pm, 21 & Over, no drink minimum, mature content. Hosted by Ash Fisher with Kimberly Rose Wendt, Kate Willett, Carrie Avritt, Jenn Dronsky, Faith Choyce and Kelly Doyle.

Nov. 7 – Sausage Fest Comedy Night @ Club OMG, 43 Sixth St. SF. (415) 896-6473. Comic straight guys tell jokes without their shirts in a gay bar. $10. Show at 8pm. 21 & Over. No drink minimum; mature content. Hosted by Charlie Ballard with Jon Alcabes, Nick Palm, Chris Ferdinandson, Demar Randy, Junior Dorsey, Andrew Orolfo, Paul Green and Connor Martin.

homo says what oakland

Nov. 7 – Homo Says What? @ Club 21, 2111 Franklin St. Oakland. (510) 268-9425,  Enjoy an all-LGBT comedy show in Oakland. $10. Show at 7pm. Hosted by Ash Fisher and Kimberly Rose Wendt, with Jessica Sele, Irene Tu, Loren Kraut, Faith Choyce, Able Jennder and headliner Sampson McCormick.

my friend is gay

Nov. 8 – Its Okay, My Friend is Gay @ Layover, 1517 Franklin St., Oakland. (510) 834-1517. This queer-friendly line up features some favorite straight comics. $10. Show at 8pm. Hosted by Steve Ausburne, Kevin Monroe, Kelly Anneken, Anthony Medina, Mike Spiegelman, Stefani Silverman, Priyanki Wali, Susanna Chovnick & headliner Bryant Hicks.

Nov. 8 – LGBT Comedy Night @ Club OMG, 43 Sixth St. SF. (415) 896-6473, This night features an all-LGBT comedian line up. $10. Show at 7pm. Hosted by Charlie Ballard with Diana Hong, Jon Gomora, Emily Van Dyke, Kate Willett, Loren Kraut, Tammy Power, Robert Parra and Savannah Stewart.

Nov. 8 – Queers & Allies Comedy Night @ Magnet, 4122 18th St. SF. (415) 581-1600. a hodgepodge of queer and queer-friendly performers in San Francisco. Free. Show at 8pm. All ages, with mature content. Hosted by Jesus Fuentes with Clay Newman, Sampson McCormick, Irene Tu, Michael Patten, Erin Loftus, Victor Cruz Perez and Jon Gomora.

Nov. 9 – Girl Power Comedy Night @ Pa’ina Lounge, 1865 Post St. SF. (415) 829-2642. It’s gal pal night, featuring an all-ladies line-up of Lesbian, Femme, Straight, Butch, Lipstick wimmin in an estrogen-fueled comedy show. $10. Show at 7pm, 21 & Over, two-item minimum, mature content. Hosted by Carrie Avritt, with Irene Tu, Kelly Lynch, Kate Willett, Jennifer Dronsky, Valerie Branch, Loren Kraut, Karinda Dobbins and Ash Fisher.

Nov. 9 – Best of Hella Gay Fest @ Club OMG, 43 Sixth St. SF. (415) 896-6473. The mid-market nightclub hosts a night with the top performers from the . $10. Show at 7pm.

big gay gala

Nov. 9 – Big Gay Gala @ Supper Club, 657 Harrison St. SF. (415) 348-0900. The big big blow-out finale show will feature Shawn Pelofsky, male strippers, burlesque dancers and comedians. $15, with $30 VIP Admission available at the door.

Ash Fisher is a comedian, actor and writer. She is not a comedienne, an actress or a writeress. Ash does standup all over California and co-produces and hosts "Man Haters Comedy" every month at The White Horse in Oakland. She is also an occasional illustrator and does voiceovers whenever someone lets her. She is a self-proclaimed selfie expert. Ash holds a B.F.A. in Theatre from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and Sallie Mae will never let her forget it.

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