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NFL is speaking out against Texas bathroom bill

The NFL is speaking up for what it feels is right, and saying that it may take its business elsewhere if Texas’ positions do not match the NFL’s.

by A. Big Country

Last month a bill was filed by Texas lawmakers, proposing to introduce their own version of North Carolina’s HB2 law, which requires people to use restrooms according to the gender on their birth certificate.  In a way, this isn’t surprising.  On the other hand, it’s astounding, given the huge backlash and immense loss of revenue North Carolina has suffered because of its bigotry.  

The NFL spoke up this past week about the proposed law in relation to the Super Bowl.  A spokesman for the league released a statement, saying, “if a proposal that is discriminatory or inconsistent with our values were to become law there, that would certainly be a factor considered when thinking about awarding future events.”

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott came firing back.  He released a statement saying:

“For some low-level NFL adviser to come out and say that they are going to micromanage and try to dictate to the state of Texas what types of policies we’re going to pass in our state, that’s unacceptable. We don’t care what the NFL thinks and certainly what their political policies are because they are not a political arm of the state of Texas or the United States of America. They need to learn their place in the United States, which is to govern football, not politics.”

That statement is a gross misunderstanding of pretty much everything this country stands for. The NFL is speaking up for what it feels is right, and saying that it may take its business elsewhere if Texas’ positions do not match the NFL’s.

In addition, this country is made great by being a nation of differences — in race, gender, ethnicity, beliefs. These bathroom laws respond to a non-existent danger while issuing unnecessary bias against transgender people.  

It is also worth mentioning just how explosive an issue this could be for the state as it relates to the NFL. The Super Bowl is a big deal for a host city. While estimates of revenue vary pretty wildly, it is definitely a boon to the host city/state. And it’s not just the local spending from an influx of people, but also tax revenue and marketing for the city for future tourism.  

The NFL has the host cities booked until 2021, and none of those games are in Texas.  However, as they look toward future games, it would be a big issue for Texas if it was left out of the running because of a law that protects no one and stomps on the basic human rights of not just transgender people, but everyone who values their own rights.     


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