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Tea Sierra is a non-binary femme community organizer, abolitionist, writer and academic scholar based in Atlanta, GA.

Their work focuses on the experiences of Black people and Black Queer people in cities and the ways in which urbanization and histories of social injustice and resistance to social injustice shapes the cultural performance of these groups.

Tea’s cultural commentary is rooted in an anarcho-black femmenist politic, informed by a lifetime of navigating the world as a southern black queer person. As both an organizer and practitioner, Tea has worked in the public health, public policy and urban planning fields, focusing on affordable housing advocacy, reproductive justice, environmental justice, food justice and public transit access. They strongly believe in the power of shifting culture as a means of pushing the world closer to the revolution necessary to abolish anti-blackness and its associated systems that perpetuate unceasing harm and oppression.

They hold a Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies in Urban Studies from Georgia State University and are currently pursuing their Ph.D in Geography from The University of Minnesota.

IG/Twitter @colonizedlocal.

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