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A Liar, A Scammer: Taylor Swift is ‘That Bitch’ that Lives for White Feminism

Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Last night, Kim Kardashian posted videos on her Snapchat exposing the truth about the beef between herself, Kanye and Taylor Swift over the song “Famous.” For months, Taylor was denying ever knowing about the song or lyrics before it was released. She even had her brother make a statement about not knowing about the song just to prove how much of a victim she was against Kanye’s big Black misogyny. (Yes, race + respectability has everything to do with this.)

Here’s the gag though: Taylor’s been lying for months, trying to write fairy tales and fallacies about the song and lyrics of “Famous” being unbeknownst to her. Taylor, and the trickery of white feminism, are the biggest scammers of all time. So Kardashian, a different breed of white feminism, did what Kardashian does. Kardashian released the tapes aligning with last night’s KUWTK episode, collecting her coins and shine like the true capitalist she is, and waited for the shit to hit the fan.

Here’s a snippet of the transcript of the video:

Taylor Swift chat with Kanye West

Still I scam: Taylor maintains white tears as a defense mechanism

Swift took it upon herself to write a statement on her Instagram to shift to a different story/lie about why she “didn’t give approval” for the song “Famous.” Her new reasoning was because she was unaware that she would be called “that bitch” (full lyric: “To all my south-side niggas that know me best, I feel me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? Cause I made that bitch famous.”)

Taylor Swift on social media

Girl, what? If that ain’t some white feminist/white tears bullshit. The way hip-hop, hood culture and AAVE (African American Vernacular English) operate is that we use a different language than how words are used colloquially, intended and structured in non-Black English. So when West says “that bitch,” he’s referring to Swift as a woman that’s not his woman or his mother. Are there deep levels of misogyny wrapped up within that? Definitely. But does it negate what’s assumed to be our culture and what’s common for hip-hop? No. Is it out of the ordinary for West to say such a lyric? No. Is it kinda lowkey antiblack and suspect to focus on that particular lyric after you just approved West saying that y’all might still have sex? Yep.

Also, West was mad genuine in this conversation about making sure Swift was good with the lyrics and song. So why all of a sudden is West this big bad Black man trying to bully and violate Taylor Swift? Because Swift operates on white feminism and white fragility as survival. Her albums, her platform, and her life is based upon being a victim, being the one to be saved and being a white princess. Collaborating with one of the most controversial rappers over lyrics that seemingly destroy the narrative that she’s a fragile white princess changes her scam and her ability to capitalize on her white feminist persona. Black men and hoes like Kim Kardashian are always going to be her enemies.

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This lyrics will be a gray topic in the eyes of white media though. Swift feeling some type of way about being called “bitch” because the word has never been inherently empowering to women and femmes unless we reclaim it is valid. But we can also drag Swift for being a respectable white woman that often performs purity (more whiteness) and constantly plays the victim card, using her white femme womanhood to navigate conflict in ways that avoid accountability or culpability. Especially when this conflict is her pinning the blame on West’s Black masculinity and assumed misogyny that is often read as more dangerous or stringent than white men’s misogyny. Like John Mayer didn’t publicly play the shit out of Swift, and all she did was respond with a damn song. (I have questions.)

Swift also said she was supposed to hear the song before it was released in order to approve it. I don’t know what to believe here, but I’m gonna go with “scammer” for $200, Alex.

Screen Shot

Memory lane DRAMA: when Taylor Swift came for Nicki’s tweets out of white guilt

The best example of Swift’s white feminism is when Nicki Minaj posted about the racism and antiblack misogyny that fuels award nominations after the announcement for the MTV VMA’s in 2015. The tweets below sum up the interaction.Nicki Minaj tweets

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift tweets

Swift loves to instigate everything about herself, and then didn’t respond to Minaj until numerous articles were written saying that Minaj attacked and dragged her. By the time Swift responded days later, the white feminist scam had been completed. Minaj and Swift ended up performing together at the VMAs to solidify that the beef had been cooked. But everyone else knew not to forget this moment of manipulation, or the fact that Swift was ready to squash the beef but not address the racist repercussions that Minaj suffered through. We should’ve been known this was coming, y’all.

This “that bitch” line is a distraction from the truth. You lied, baby boo. And Kim Kardashian was the one to unleash the tapes strategically after the airing of the concurring episode of KUTWK ever so pettily. As much as I don’t see it for Kardashian — reasoning being that I just can’t fuck with nonblack culture vultures ever — I think this was her Black Card strategy. (Let me be clear, though: she’ll never be Black.) She recently had posts of her making a statement about #BlackLivesMatter, her soul food cooking posts (yikes!), and now this — “in defense of Kanye”/stand by your nigga culture. I think as much as she wanted to expose Swift, she also wanted to collect that praise for being Queen Petty like the titles Blac Chyna and Amber Rose been claimed. But that’s just my theory.

In conclusion, Swift is a messy bitch who lives for white feminism and drama. And her best friend Selena Gomez, who is a master lip-sync performer, has proven herself to be just as problematic as Swift. And peep that neither Swift nor Gomez has posted about #BlackLivesMatter. Scammed. Let us pray that this drag of the century helps them evolve and grow.


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