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Take a Seat with Ravneet Vohra

Take a Seat, a new vlog from WYV founder Ravneet Vohra, premieres on our Instagram today. 

OK, picture this: you’re the founder of an intersectional feminist news and culture site, but when you take your kids to their new school in Los Angeles, your youngest runs over to a black teacher and starts breakdancing to impress him.

What is the appropriate level of complete embarrassment in this moment? This is basically a real-life scenario for Wear Your Voice founder Ravneet Vohra after she moved her family from Oakland to L.A. recently, and one of the many humbling moments she’ll share on her new Instagram Vlog, Take a Seat with Ravneet.

Every Thursday, Vohra will share her views, awkward experiences and hilarious, relatable stories of being a British-born Indian woman trying to make it as a boss, a mother and a wife in L.A. We’ve shared the first video above. Check our Instagram again next Thursday for Episode 2!

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Kat Eves is a wardrobe stylist, designer, and writer with a passion for creating a more inclusive, ethical world through fashion.

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