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The solution is simple, stop giving white supremacists platforms. If you are not condemning white supremacy you are complicit in their ideas and values.

By Rachael the Lord I remember attending a protest here in Baltimore after Trump was elected to be the 45th president of the United States. The scene could have been captured in a painting and mounted in a museum. Seas of white people flooded the cold pavement shouting protest songs, and “not my president” chants. Forget the Black lives that were robbed from the world under state sanctioned murders — this was more important because it affected them. The 69th Emmy Awards aired last Sunday to commemorate creatives in Hollywood for their accomplishments throughout the 2016-17 year. Stephen Colbert served as the host where the inescapable political commentary bombarded us in the introduction. Little did we know that Sean Spicer would glide across stage with his podium in similar fashion as Melissa McCarthy did in satirical skits on SNL. The Sean-Spicer-Is-Ok tour continued to roll when photos of the Emmys after party surfaced, showing host & actor, James Corden kissing Sean Spicer’s cheek. James attempted to do damage control after “reading a lot of harsh comments on Twitter”. When white liberals and moderates choose their privilege and comfort over our oppression, we have to question what their motives are. It is made evident that they do not care about anything that exists outside of their whiteness. Lena Waithe, Riz Ahmed and Donald Glover made history with their wins and yet they accepted their awards in the same theatre and on the same stage that Sean Spicer, a representative of white supremacy, was invited to share a joke or two.

I’ve decided to remove my Black body from the war and reclaim my time. I care about the status of the country I live in, but this war is never-ending, and ultimately no longer mine to fight.

By Barbara Muhumuza August has been a tumultuous month — the climate has been packed with hateful bigotry which has created an atmosphere of fear for marginalized groups and our accomplices. I imagine that it can be unsettling to witness the reality of America's truth come to light, especially after being deluded for so long that this America was anything but the one it was created to be. Seeing the honest reflection that you, white people, have spent decades denying is quite probably difficult to absorb. For Black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC), however, this is not new. Frankly, this is much more passive than the things we’ve seen and died for and from. That doesn’t make it any less of an issue, but how much longer must we put up with this rhetoric that this America — bold, hateful and willing to burn anything in the way of its need to upkeep white supremacy — is anything other than the America it has always been? Black people know that this America is the same America we were brought in chains to. This America is the same America that insidiously infiltrated and destroyed Black leaderships in order to prevent Black communal efforts of progress. This America is the same America that has always been inherently anti-black, anti-indigenous, anti-poor, anti-queer, anti-anything that isn’t white and rich.

The white people who stay silent in the face of white terrorism consider themselves to be “non-racist.” They're wrong.

Last week, Tina Fey and Lady Gaga offended fans and onlookers with their comments in the midst of heated national discussions about race relations following the white supremacist rally that turned deadly in Charlottesville, Virginia. Tina Fey returned to SNL’s Weekend Update for a segment on Charlottesville and The University of Virginia, her alma mater. “It broke my heart to see these evil forces descend upon Charlottesville… A lot of us are feeling anxious and asking ourselves, ‘What can I do? I'm just one person. What can I do?’ And I would urge people this Saturday instead of participating in the screaming matches and potential violence, find a local business you support. Maybe a Jewish-run bakery or an African American-run bakery. Order a cake with the American flag on it and, um, just eat it.” She went on to speak about Trump condemning violence “on many sides,” delivering jokes about Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and transphobic comments about drag queens being nothing more than violent 6’4 Black men. Fey ended her skit with a jarring and misplaced jab at the expense of Sally Hemings, an enslaved Black woman who was owned and repeatedly raped by former President Thomas Jefferson.

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