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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

The new HBO series is slated to do what Hollywood has done for decades: fictionalize very real Black pain for profit.

On Wednesday, HBO announced that after the conclusion of Game of Thrones, the network will tap the show creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, for a new alternate history series called Confederate. The show is set in a fictionalized timeline where the South seceded from the Union and where slavery has continued into the modern era. The cast is complete with a suite of slave hunters, Confederate politicians, and even a group of slaveholding executives and the families they control. From the looks of it, HBO's new series Confederate is slated to do what Hollywood has done for decades: fictionalize very real Black pain for commercial profit. After all, this show’s premise proposes to create a “fictionalized” plot about the continuation of slavery, as if thousands of American farmers and corporations didn't continue to practice slavery well into the 1940s. The show acts as if the latter half of the twentieth century didn't see America's prison population swell with millions of Black bodies. It pretends that today’s prisons and venerable corporations don't exploit the 13th amendment to profit from forced prison labor. HBO’s Confederate imagines that there aren't more people under state control today than there were in chains at the peak of American slavery.

Seeing black people take charge of their lives, fighting oppression with violence, and utilizing their intellect, must be a hard sell to an all-white board of directors who hope to be the next Fox News.

The news of WGN's pre-civil war drama, Underground getting canceled is the latest in a slew of cancellations across mass media with powerful, defiant black leads. On Tuesday, WGN America released their obligatory "going in the a new direction" explanation. But let's face it – white folks don't enjoy non-compliant and assertive black folks in real life or on their screens. The true fans knew it was some nonsense, and Underground actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell, who plays Rosalee, took to Instagram with this explanation: https://www.instagram.com/p/BUvJVDmgA-1/?taken-by=jurneebell&hl=en So I looked up Sinclair Broadcast Group, they operate all over the country but not in most major cities. Their board of directors is made up entirely of white, cishet men. On May 8, Sinclair announced they had purchased WGN America and as the first order of business, they removed Underground from the network before the month's conclusion. https://twitter.com/johnlegend/status/869687426758791168 I will be the first to admit that another narrative with slaves running through muck for their lives, suffering from severe physical and mental trauma because of white people and slavery, was not what I was looking for in a TV show. However, the writers and executive producers who include John Legend, have taken a different approach in this slave era narrative.

https://youtu.be/H8QF8eX7Muk This week,  WYV spoke with Lalin of The Seshen to find out who's in her playlist. Featuring Lalin St. Juste (vocals), Akasha Orr (vocals), Aki Ehara (bass), Mahesh Roa (keys), Kumar Butler (samples), Mirza Kopelman (percussion) and Chris Thalmann (drums), the Bay Area-based group creates a unique blend of psychedelia,

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