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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

It is only right to shine the spotlight on women of color who are disrupting the tech industry for the better.

Last week, Fast Company profiled a new start-up aimed at disrupting bodegas and mom-and-pop stores. Bodega, named for the businesses they hope to make obsolete, installs unmanned, customizable pantry boxes in offices, apartments, gyms, and other high-traffic areas. Bodega even had the audacity to use the beloved bodega cat, the lovable animal seen at many of the bodegas throughout New York, as its logo. Paul McDonald and Ashwath Rajan, the founders of Bodega, undoubtedly thought this was a great idea, but the internet quickly disabused them of this false notion. After receiving unexpected backlash, the two former-Googlers issued a half-hearted apology via Medium.  The apology focused mostly on the name of their startup, leading us to believe that these two will simply rebrand and go back to “solving” non-existent problems.

Aloe is an app which promises to help you with the basics of self care which is crucial for those who can't afford constant care or therapy. 

In today's political climate, rife with negativity and hatred, it's easy to forget to take what one would think are the most basic, mundane steps in caring for ourselves. Often we're so caught up by what is going on around us that we become disconnected from our own selves and neglect what our bodies need to survive in this world. We all have days when opening our eyes, breathing, and getting out of bed are the most we can do. Sometimes tasks like brushing our teeth, eating, or drinking a glass of water fall to the wayside because we might be too preoccupied with whatever is going on in our lives. Developing a proficiency in self care was crucial for my own survival while learning to cope with the trauma after experiencing sexual violence. Learning a regular yoga practice helped me maintain a strong connection between my mind and body, and I learned that listening to my physical self and tending to its needs was what was going to keep me alive in such a mentally and emotionally tumultuous part of my life. Prioritizing my well being helped me overcome the challenges of trauma and now it helps me maintain my activism and advocacy as a feminist woman of color.

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