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The Haitian Revolution was and is significant. How can we apply it to today's resistance?

As we approach the one year anniversary of the inauguration of arguably the most punitive and draconian administrations in the history of American presidential politics, it is crucial that black people in the United States and across the diaspora keep our eye firmly on the light that will guide us out of this dark period.

Wear Your Voice (WYV), in partnership with artist and DJ Sabine Blaizin, a.k.a. Oyasound, are committed to doing just that, healing our community of readers on the light by drawing from the ancestral wisdom of the past that can be gleaned from The Haitian Revolution.

In fact, within the broad history of black freedom struggles around the world, the significance of the legacy of the Haitian Revolution — a 13-year struggle against French colonizers that resulted in the birth of the first and only black republic in the Americas — cannot be overstated. And the fact that it was lead and won by enslaved black people is all the more inspiring, for it became the model for enslaved black populations everywhere eager to agitate for their liberation.

“The Haitian Revolution was the catalyst for all revolutions in the [black] diaspora,” Oyasound reflects, before noting, disappointingly, that this mass black revolt, the only one to know success (however short-lived), is little celebrated outside of Haiti.

WYV and Oyasound are determined to help change that, joining forces to host “Lakay Se LaKay: The Revolution: Transformative Healing Through Haitian Tradition,” which will be held at the Starr Bar in Brooklyn, New York, on January 20th, 2018. As the name suggests, LaKay Se LaKay is both a celebration of the fact of the revolution itself and the spiritual traditions central to Haitian culture, as well as an opportunity to dig into our past for insights that may aid and guide us in our current resistance movements.


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