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In a time where queer people of color are in more danger than ever, BGD Blog showed you can give the status quo a middle finger and create a megaphone to speak out and thrive.

By Latonya Pennington On July 31, the website BGD came to an end after five and half years of publishing content. Established in Dec. 2011 by Black lesbian writer Mia Mckenzie, the site was a valuable space dedicated to uplifting the voices and experiences of queer people of color. In addition to being a blog, the site also served as a publishing press for anthologies and books by queer people of color. Before I discovered BGD, I felt like I was too Black and nerdy for queer culture and too queer and Black for nerd culture. While I had come to associate queer culture with gay nightclubs and glittery drag queens, nerd culture felt like the domain of white cis-het dudes. Although I found some solace in spaces like the site Black Girl Nerds, I wanted a space where I could be nerdy, Black, and queer all at once. Things started to change when I witnessed the Twitter hashtag #GayMediaSoWhite go viral last March. After seeing think pieces that assumed the hashtag was only about gay men of color, I decided to write a piece that discussed my frustration with the lack of representation in queer media. While looking for places to submit, I stumbled on the site BGD.

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