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Queer Black and Brown Men are more than backup dancers and makeup artists.

By Dr. Jonathan P. Higgins White women generally are not genuinely interested in my experiences as a queer Black man, they see me as something that now connects them to a resource they may not have. I often wonder if white women enjoy having queer Black/Brown male bodies in their presence not just because of the power it presents them, but because of the privilege that lies in being able to uphold white supremacy. Cisgender heterosexual white women see queer Black and Brown men as commodities instead of people with valid experiences and humanity. In various moments where I’ve engaged with white women about my queer identity, the conversation often veers towards them wanting me to help them with something and very little about what they can do to protect me and the LGBTQIA+ BIPOC community. It’s a tale as old as time: heterosexual, cisgender women want us as their best friends and confidants as soon as they learn that we are  queer. Add to the equation said queer male being a fantastic dancer, hair stylist or makeup artist and you are no longer just a friend, but an accessory to their lives. Take for instance the multitudes of celebrities who continue to use LGBTQ+ BIPOC as props. Cher did it. Madonna, Britney, Christina and Lady Gaga still do it and now Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are on the same wave.

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