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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

Spoilers for The Handmaid's Tale - if you aren't caught up, you may encounter spoilers.

When The Handmaid's Tale first premiered on Hulu, I wasn't quite sure what I would be up for. I'd never read the book, though I had a vague awareness that the world of Gilead was not for the weak of heart. Margaret Atwood created a world that encompassed all of the worst atrocities throughout history, normalized for audiences to feel the true weight of these events.

One of the things that Handmaid's Tale does well, in my opinion, is story-writing. The show does a great job of building up suspense and creating a sensation of genuine fear and dread for the characters.

Normally, I hate these kinds of episodes in series  ones that act partially like filler episodes — where we get little to no new information about the main character and the conflict we've been exploring so far in the season. But instead, "The Other Side" begins to answer some of the questions that have been building up all season.

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