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Uber has created and maintained a systemic corporate culture that tolerates and maintains discrimination toward women and people of color.

By Katie Mitchell In the latest of a litany of diversity related issues, a Florida Uber driver allegedly called Safety Pin Box co-founder Marissa Johnson “a fat black bitch” before leaving her stranded in a neighborhood that, according to locals, is the “most dangerous part of town and a well-known crack spot.” Johnson was leaving the BlogHer Conference, after receiving an award on behalf of Safety Pin Box, a monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation. As stated by tweets from Safety Pin Box co-founder, Leslie Mac, the Uber driver was lecturing Johnson about the positive virtues of his slave-owning great-grandfather when the racist and sexist insults began.   https://twitter.com/LeslieMac/status/879027585124118528?s=04 https://twitter.com/LeslieMac/status/879027908513329153 https://twitter.com/LeslieMac/status/879028181545738244

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