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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

While there may be plenty of negative issues with Twitter, the platform has provided me and many others with the opportunity to learn and grow at little cost.

Our education system is elitist, expensive and unequal. It’s also racially and gender-biased. I have learned so much on Twitter about history from a non-white and non-male perspective. I have learned about trans rights, LGBTQ history, African diasporic spiritual systems, critical theory and black queer culture on the platform. Open source education and social media have both given us a way to share knowledge with each other for cheap or free. It is not necessarily a replacement for college, but as far as politics, sociology, womanism, entertainment, networking and psychology are concerned, Twitter contains a wealth of information. I have learned more on Twitter in the past 8 months than I did in the previous two years on Facebook. Because most things on Twitter are public it gives you access to business,  influencers and celebrities in a way that is more conducive to flow and opportunity than Facebook. Information and conversation on Twitter is in perpetual flux and one good retweet can get your writing or whatever else seen by hundreds of thousands of people. It is relatively easy to build a solid audience with consistency of quality and branding.

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