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Jemele Hill had every right to express her disdain for Trump.

ESPN has apparently accepted Jemele Hill’s apology — an apology she was strong-armed into giving after tweeting her personal opinion on Donald Trump. Acknowledging the white supremacy in his rhetoric and practices, she referred to him as "bigot," a "threat," and "the most ignorant, offensive president of [her] lifetime." Considering Trump's comments following the display of white terrorism in Charlottesville, Hill’s tweets are indeed biting and true. Donald Trump is a white supremacist. He has proven his racism (misogyny, xenophobia, nationalism, etc.) many times over: through his role in the Central Park Five case, his obsession with President Obama’s birth certificate, his ungrounded accusations that Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals, his unconstitutional pardoning of former Arizona Sheriff Arpaio, and his extensive ties to and unironic retweeting of white supremacists and the hate groups who boldly support him, and much more. His own father was an active member of the KKK. Hill had every right to express her disdain for Trump, his words and actions, and his administration; especially as a Black woman who knows all too well the violence of the white supremacy that Trump and his followers embrace.

Impeaching Trump could actually set off a stream of unmanageable events.

Every single day we find ourselves ever deeper down the white nationalist rabbit hole represented by Donald Trump’s regime. I thought that the deadly Nazi rally in Charlottesville would have been the upturn point where we began digging ourselves out of the shit, instead Hair Führer refused the path of decency and the bottom dropped out from under us again. Trump’s unwillingness to properly disavow American Nazism is not surprising; that is his base after all. In the wake of this new showing of America’s true colors, the fever pitch of hysterical calls for Trump’s impeachment are flooding all avenues of media. Hate to break it to you folks, impeaching Trump — as satisfying as it might be — will not be the end to the growing conflicts in this country. This kind of magical thinking is extremely counterproductive to the work that needs to be done from the top down in dismantling white supremacy in America. This problem of white nationalism is bigger than just Trump, although he was a "yuge" fomenter since he began the so-called birther movement about our first black president. Trump has come out and said all the things that disgruntled white people have been thinking for years. These white people are angry at their perceived loss of white power, and they are armed to the teeth. As our editor, Lara Witt wrote for Harper’s Bazaar, this white supremacy is deeply entrenched into the fabric of American society. Trump has undermined all our judicial and governmental systems of checks and balances; he has eviscerated the credibility of the free press and elevated propaganda factories. He has problematized the very notion of truth, facts, and science through his “FAKE NEWS” bloviating. He has shredded fundamental fabrics of reality in America in favor of trigger happy, often uneducated, and fundamentally bigoted world views.

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