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Margot Meanie

“The act of dressing myself and doing my makeup is like a glamour spell. It helps me transform into who I want to be each day, which is ever-changing.”

StyleCrush: Margot Meanie

Plus-size blogger Margot Meanie is one part witchy, one part nerdy, and a whole lot of sweet, despite her blog name. Hailing from Canada, this Vancouver-based babe is also an enthusiastic cat lady, tea connoisseur, Pinterest addict and DIY hair chameleon. Meanie created the popular plus size campaign #AlternativeCurves, which is a place for big babes to celebrate diverse alternative, quirky, goth and non-mainstream plus-size fashion.

Name: Margot Meanie
Age: 35 in April!
Current Location: Vancouver, British Columbia 
Hometown: I’m from Calgary, Alberta (and surrounding small towns) but moved away fourteen years ago.
Profession/Blog: margotmeanie.com
Social Media:@margotmeanie on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat —  and you can follow @alternativecurves as well. 

Wear Your Voice: How do you describe your personal style?

Margot Meanie: Edgy, alternative, witchy, inspired by movies and time periods, whimsical, ever-changing. I wear a lot of black, but that doesn’t mean I won’t rock a bold pop of color!

WYV: How long have you been blogging? How did that evolve into creating #AlternativeCurves?

MM: I started blogging September of 2013, and #alternativecurves came about in the summer of 2014 once I grew bold enough to start posting more on Instagram. I found that all the plus-size bloggers I saw being celebrated were fairly mainstream and I was struggling to find alternative, quirky, left of middle style, which I KNEW was out there, but I couldn’t see it anywhere. So I created it as a way to find more kindred spirits. I never expected it to take off like it did, and I doubt it would have unless Kobi Jae hadn’t jumped on board to help out! It now has over 100,000 posts in the tag, so there is OODLES of alternative style inspo to delve into on the tag, and if you use it yourself, you may even get featured on the page!

WYV: What is one of the most bizarre fashions that you have latched onto in the past?

MM: I don’t think anything I do fashion-wise as “bizarre.”  I mean, I’ve done a lot of weird things, but weird has always been my normal. I think now that I’m in my mid-30s I’ve “matured,” or honed my style. In my early 20s I had some interesting ideas with my hair — for an entire summer I had it shaved into a variation of the “Chelsea” (a shaved head with bangs and sometimes wisps on the sides or a fringe around the entire head) and I somehow thought it was a good idea to glue my electric blue bangs up into a kinda swooped unicorn horn.

I guess maybe that was bizarre. I remember a lot of people staring.

WYV: Who are the people close to you that have shaped your style

MM: I have a few friends that have the most elegant nu-goth/minimalist style, which I absolutely adore. Two of the three are straight-size, the other is an inbetweenie, so finding options for my much larger body to recreate this look has been a welcome challenge to me!

They all rock beautifully draped and baggy garments mixed with tailored pieces and it looks so elegant. I find there is zero reason why a fat body can’t look just as posh in oversized garments, it’s just a lot more work finding the pieces is all.

WYV: What makes you feel most powerful?

MM: I think the act of dressing myself and doing my makeup is like a glamour spell. It helps me transform into who I want to be each day, which is ever-changing. I love to play with clothing items and how I do my makeup to be able to tell people without speaking a word, who I am and what I am about. That feels pretty powerful.

At the same time, just being vulnerable and open with people for that moment to unveil itself and someone says those two beautifully magic words “me too” that is beyond powerful! It’s one of my greatest joys I’ve gotten from blogging!

WYV: Which fashion “rules” that you regularly break? What trends are you loving right now? Which do you want to see come back into style?

MM: Any and all of them. I learned to disregard rules a long long time ago. In fact, there were a ton I wasn’t even aware of until I started blogging. Things like “cover your arms” or “not to wear stripes.” I was a little punky goth kid; stripes were something I actively hunted for at all times, and I grew up very tomboyish, so men’s undershirt tank tops were a staple as well, so my arms were always out.

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Currently, I’m all over this rose print/embroidery trend and I’m flippin’ ECSTATIC that it’s a current trend that has been rolled out to plus at the exact same time as straight-size fashion! I just did a roundup of some of my favorite pieces here. I’m also all over diamond fishnets being layered under ripped jeans or cut-offs. I’m also seeing embellished fishnets and diamond nets being created and I’d love to take a stab and DIY a few pairs for myself!

I’d really love to see crop tops on dudes make a strong comeback!

WYV: How can fashion be an act of protest?

MM: I guess being a fat femme and dressing myself however I like and being actively visible is an act of protest. I refuse to make myself smaller or to chose clothing that fades me into the background.

I think finding a style of your own and experimenting with it as much as possible and finding joy in it is an act of rebellion. And it comes across when strangers see you in public; some may be shocked, others may be inspired — either way, you’re confronting ideals just by existing and excelling at being you.

WYV: Who are your top 3 celebrity StyleCrushes? What about each of them draws you to their style?

MM: I don’t actively follow celebrity style, but I see tidbits come across my Pinterest dash and on various social media, so my exposure to it isn’t great, but these three hold the most impact for me personally:

Tilda Swinton: I find her androgynous style super-enthralling and it makes me seek out androgynous cuts for full-figured bodies. Most androgynous clothing is cut for thin bodies that are very straight up and down. I want to find things that fit boobs and hips and belly rolls but still have that same sleek demeanor.

Kat Von D: her aesthetic is so on point. She’s hit peak Rock Goddess and I’m down for worshiping her style!

Duckie, who I know isn’t a “celebrity” but is a character from the ’80s flick Pretty in Pink. I love his pieced-together look and worn-out, scuffed-toe creepers. It’s rock-n-roll, it’s new wave, it’s 80s, it’s its own thing and I adore it all! His aesthetic informs many of my fashion decisions on almost a daily basis.

WYV: Which bloggers and Instagram babes are your absolute favorites? What do you like about their individual styles?

MM: Isabell from Dressing Outside of the Box; she has absolutely beautiful and elegant style. It’s the perfect blend of masculine and feminine and I’m all over it!

Ushshi. She’s a beautiful blend of goth meets bohemian. She perfectly weaves her background in with her love of darker subcultures. She’s also a writer and poet; her words are thoughtful and poignantly beautiful. 10/10 — recommend getting to know this babe better!

Rainbow Chatman has so much damn fun with her fashion, it kills me! I just really wish we existed in the same town, because I’d be doing everything possible to make her my best friend!

Tracy of BRXTRMN. She’s a dream goth mommy and I’m super excited that I get to meet her and her two adorable littles in April! Her IG is full of gothic minimalist decor inspo, yummy L.A. eats, and her cutie pie babies that she has fun dressing up, not to mention selfies and a few outfit pics mixed in for good measure!

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WYV: Have you ever encountered internet or street harassment? How do you combat that negativity and what advice would you give someone in a similar situation?

MM: I think it’s probably impossible to be a fat woman on the internet and not get harassed, which is really fucking sad. I don’t let online harassment get to me: I block, delete and move on. I call it “ducking,” as in, I’m letting it roll off my back before it ever touches me. Generally, trolls have no power over me, because I do not value their opinion at all.

Unfortunately, I did have a poor run-in with an older man on the bus once a few years back. He tried to assert his power over me and attempted to humiliate me in front of others. I was a bit taken aback from his brazen and rude behavior and I admit to being completely flustered, but I refused to stand down.

I think when it happens in person, it’s a lot harder to brush off. But I also think it showed off the steel encased in my softy squishy self. I will not let other push me around, I let that happen when I was a teenager and I vowed to myself, NEVER AGAIN.

WYV: How do you wear your voice?

MM: I wear my voice every day in the clothes I chose to wear, the accessories I chose to adorn myself in, the makeup I apply, and the sneer on my lips when someone stares a little too long.

My style is my armor and it speaks volumes without me ever having to open my mouth.


Laurel Dickman is an intersectional feminist, plus size model, stylist, and fat activist that can also be found via her blogs, Exile In Dietville and 2 Broke Bitches. She grew up in the south between Florida and North Carolina, migrating to the Portland, OR in 2005. All three places inform her perspective of the world around her a great deal. While in Portland, she worked with the Alley 33 Annual Fashion Show, PudgePDX, PDX Fatshion, Plumplandia, and numerous other projects over the near decade that she was there. In August of 2014, she moved to the Bay area with her partner, David and trusty kitty, Dorian Gray. She continues her body positive and intersectional feminism through various forms of activism, fashion, photography projects, and writing from her home in the East Bay. She can be reached at laurel@wyvmag.com and encourages readers to reach out to her to collaborate!

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