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Recently, as you may have noticed, I have been spreading my #FuckFatPhobia campaign like body positive wildfire, and while I’ve felt and witnessed a great deal of support, my primal brain also realized that there was an actual hashtag out there in ye olde cyberspace to check in on! Now it may not seem like that much, but to me, the fact that this has been shared even 400 times is pure magic (although I would like to take this moment to challenge readers to participate so heavily that we get it up to 4,000 by next month). While I often feel isolated by my lack of technology prowess, there are many times I realize how much of a connection it can bring me in navigating various communities. With that very inspiring and powerful connection in mind, I have now compiled a list of my 6 Favorite #FuckFatPhobia photos found when clicking the hashtag link on instagram!



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This look matches the one on my face every morning when I wake up. It's the look of joy and excitement, because I know I won't hold myself back from doing what I want or trying something new. This photo really does describe me and body positivity all by itself #curvesinbikinis #The30DayChallenge #bigandblunt #effyourbeautystandards #embraceyourcurves #empowerallbodies #celebratemysize #goldenconfidence #superconfident #confidenceiskey #bopo #bodyposi #bodyacceptance #bodyconfidence #pizzasisters4lyfe #imnoangel #iamsizesexy #iamproudtobe #beautifullydifferent #fuckfatphobia #londonandrews #losehatenotweight #lovetheskinyourin #droptheplus #plusmodelmag #plus_isamust #legalizethunderthighs #thickthighs #thunderthighs #fatkini ☺️💛

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SERIOUSLY THOUGH – everything about this image paired with these words is perfection (because hello, look how happy and free this goddess is in her own body)! In fact, I’d say that this lovely womyn would agree with me when I say, imperfection is so the new perfection – meaning that everything you already are right now is enough – as are you! This is one of the most beautiful examples I’ve seen of this yet, and I really appreciate the support of this social media maven from the start – we have been utilizing one another’s hashtags ever since we discovered each other’s Instagrams, so each time you use #FuckFatPhobia you should just go ahead and support #bigandblunt too!


I’m calling this look “Purrfection” because it simply makes me want to meowwwww. I am obsessed with the bold blue sunnies and lippy action – and am almost amazed that the red blazer looks so flawlessly paired (but shouldn’t be surprised as this womyn is constantly owning every one of her looks)! The graphic black and white breaks it up and that killer ring gives the entire ensemble some seriously flared edge! All that’s left to say is that we can’t get enough of this look either – keep them coming, it’s an honor to have them paired with #FuckFatPhobia!


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💖 i d i d i t !!! 💖 this bod and this mind has spent the last 12 weeks training for this 5k run. The physical side was tough-all that weight pounding on two tiny feet! The mental side-pushing through the pain, I'm just too big for this to be remotely possible. It's just too far from where I'm at. But my goodness. I have flat feet, a hole in my femur bone, dodgy hip, athsma, and a neurological condition that has had me with a headache for 4 1/2 years… But this very same body just r a n 5 ks !!! This broken down heavy body. Could I be more stunned, blessed, in awe, thankful that this body of mine just accomplished something that was utterly i n c o n c e i v a b l e ❤️ I hope that anyone out there reading this will find hope that what we feel is impossible may in fact be possible, even when the physical odds are stacked up, not to mention the added fear of failure, anxiety & judgement (from myself and potentially others). If I can do this, imagine what you can do?!!!!!! We all have our Everest #evebodylovechallenge #ms5kfunrun #fatbabe #fuckfatphobia #celebratemysize #boom #effyourbeautystandards #fitzroy #fitness #running #haes @_evestudio_ #honormycurves #aussiecurves #jogging #healthyateverysize #proud #allbodiesaregoodbodies

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This image made me cry – this is literally the stuff #FuckFatPhobia dreams are made of! All in one proud moment of sheer brilliance, this wonder womyn combatted several stereotypes about what fat bodies can and cannot do. You think we can’t run? We say: FUCK THAT! Just check out this truth, which is also paired with very authentic and wise words oozing with pure inspiration. Thank you so much for this post – I am grateful for all that you are and do!



I mean, I think I’m pretty much at a loss for words – this fatshionista has been posting SO MANY amazing looks with #FuckFatPhobia that I was tempted to just collage them all together as I couldn’t choose a favorite. However, it looks like this sucker for 90s style has officially chosen. I’m sure Beyonce would agree that the only appropriate word to sum-up this ensemble is: FLAWLESS. Thank you so much for participating and sharing!


I am constantly in awe of this style-maven’s looks, and the fact that she has participated so heavily in #FuckFatPhobia from the start! Firstly, thank you! Secondly, we adore how strongly and beautifully you have been wearing your voice – not just through your fabulous outfits, but through your accompanying words and fashion tips!


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I gave my old scales a well deserved makeover. They've been lying to me for years about my health, my beauty and my worth as a person, time to set the record straight. HEALTH. Did you know that the obesity crisis is entirely fabricated by greedy diet companies paying for sensationalist headlines? Did you know that countless studies have shown fitness to be the key to good health, regardless of weight? And countless others that the highest rates of longevity fall within the 'overweight' BMI category? Did you know that BMI was invented by a mathematician and never intended as an indicator of health? Or furthermore that the cut off points for the categories were arbitrarily decided upon by the International Obesity Task Force (advising the World Health Organization), whose two biggest funders at the time were pharmaceutical companies selling the only diet pills on the market? Actually not so arbitrary. Actually entirely crafted to make money from people with overweight or obese BMIs tricked into believing their BMIs reflected negatively on their health. Interesting, huh? BEAUTY. We are programmed, brainwashed into believing in only one type of beauty. And that if we try hard enough we can achieve it. This lie takes our money, time, and self esteem and leaves us in a perpetual state of self hatred. It blinds us to the diverse beauty around us and within ourselves. Recognise the lie, take the blindfold off. WORTH. We are all worth so much more than what our bodies look like. We are not ornaments made to look nice for other people. We are multi-dimensional, magical beings, our worth cannot be reduced to any number. We are more than that. I highly recommend all of you giving your scales a makeover, you won't miss them. I promise, they will never tell you anything valuable about yourself. You are far too fabulous for them. 💁💜💙🌈🌞

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Megan pretty much says it all in this one post – this warrior womyn is a fierce force of truth to be reckoned with, and thousands of people including myself are grateful for her existence! I also want to note here that to me, fat activism and body positivity can and should work together – it is very powerful for womyn of ALL SIZES from 0 – infinity to start supporting #FuckFatPhobia and remember that it isn’t only womyn who look fat by society’s standards that have body image issues (in fact, sadly, the majority of womyn I know actually do – and for most of my life due to my own internalized Fat Phobia, I didn’t even have any fat friends).



We hope these babes inspired you as much as they did us! Please participate in this important campaign to eradicate the pervasive societal disease of Fat Phobia – one awesome Instagram, Facebook post, or Tweet at a time. Spell it loud and proud: #FuckFatPhobia!!!

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Being raised in New England, the west coast has always felt like a breath of progressive, laid-back, open-minded, fashion-forward air to my free-spirited soul, which is what drew me to California. Escaping the more cookie-cutter traditional white picket fence life, has led me on an adventurous journey toward self-love and acceptance, and ultimately body positivity! I am in Oakland, because I moved to the Bay Area for graduate school to become a licensed Somatic Psychotherapist, and after exploring different city options, I discovered that the eclectic, unique, and honest vibe of Oakland resonated with my funky spirit and style! My role in WYV as Senior Columnist is producing weekly articles on Body Positive Fashion, Fat Acceptance, and many of my other passions such as social justice, childcare, and chronic illness advocacy. Of course I'm constantly being inspired by my very diverse (fashionably and otherwise) Oakland peers, local business owners, and fat/body positive activists! Come follow my photographic adventures on my instagram: @somewhere_under_the_rainbow

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