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The outpour of support from around the world to end body shaming this summer has been overwhelming! From North Korea Times reporting on American body positive babes to CNN’s HLN Network, The Huffington Post, Bustle and even tabloid mill The Daily Mail (caution don’t read comments) covering the hottest (no pun intended) body positive campaign of the summer- we couldn’t be more overjoyed.

Leave it to social media to turn a hashtag into a viral social movement to reclaim our bodies at the beach this summer. Here’s some of our favorite #DropTheTowel inspired photos.

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We want to see you #DropTheTowel this summer!– Share your images and we will be sure to reshare via our social media outlets too. #DropTheTowel is about honoring our authentic selves. Share at what capacity is within your comfort zone.

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1.Take a powerful photograph of yourself in your swimwear, dropping the towel add onto image #DropTheTowel

      1. Take a powerful photograph of yourself in your towel, add onto image #DropTheTowel
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Hashtag all images: #DropTheTowel,  #WearYourVoice


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Plus-size model and former America’s Next Top Model Contestant Toccara Jones talked #DropTheTowel on CNN’s HLN Network 

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#dropthetowel #hln part 3

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A sneak peak at our recent photoshoot over the past weekend, featuring Trans* Gold Medalist Dustin Dilio and Body Positive Babe Natalie of Adrienne Molly Natalie because #DropTheTowel is for everyone.

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Yours Truly, WYV Senior Editor  baring it all for my #DropTheTowel shoot





Courtesy of Tarryn Smith wearing Swimsuits For All

Our Body Positive Guru, Founder of #FuckFatPhobia & Senior Columnist Rachel Otis #DroppingTheTowel all the way from Maine!

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Happy Tuesday dear WYV readers, #DropTheTowel has quicky become a global celebration & our team couldn't be more thrilled. While most of us are taking over California with our body positive photoshoots (upcoming East Bay this Friday & LA not long after) – please don't forget that @somewhere_under_the_rainbow is sweeping the east coast with her intersectional feminism and fat activism from Maine to NYC for the next month. ___________________________________ Please email rachel@wyvmag.com if you're interested in becoming a part of our #DropTheTowel campaign or her #FuckFatPhobia movement through photoshoot collaborations! email monica@wyvmag.com for all other west coast and international inquiries! #WearYourVoice #westcoast #eastcoast #BayArea #Oakland #SF #Maine #newengland #NYC #Brooklyn #Boston #Providence #effyourbeautystandards #allbodiesarebeautiful #beachbodies #ThereIsNoWrongWayToBeAWoman

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“Drop The Towel means to me:  Letting go of my insecurities and living life to the fullest. Allowing my self to walk in the ocean and playing with my daughter’s freely.” ~Tormented Sugar 


Lighthouse Photography by Paul Whitaker


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#DropTheTowel stylist and WYV contributor on set with Natalie!


WYV Communications & Senior Graphic Editor Natalie Coblentz Dropping Their Towel!

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Wear Your Voice Magazine has started a 2015 Summertime Campaing called #DropTheTowel This movement is an all inclusive act of body positivity. Remember when you were a kid by the pool and even though it was hot as hell, you still were wrapped up in a towel? Well, WYVmag wants you to drop that towel and join us in a movement moving faster than a thunder cloud across the nation. Let's show this world how beautifully handsome our bodies are! – WearYourVoiceMag.com ___________________________________ #allinclusive #losehatenotweight ##FuckFatPhobia #lgbtqia #bodypositivity #transbeautiful #transishandsome #lgbtq #lgbtqia #poc #pwd #lesbians #dykes #bois #femanists #equalityforlife #equality #LoveWins #thisiswhatafeministlookslike

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Trans* Olympic Gold Medal Cyclist, Dustin Diolio



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