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Sex Toy Designers Wanted: This Free Online Tool Lets You Craft Custom Dildos

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Destigmatizing important conversations around sex, sexuality, and pleasure is important. That is what the 2018-established Sex Toy Collective is doing with its site which is chock-full of insightful and educational blog posts around sex toy safety, round-ups of the prettiest sex toys and interactive tools like the dildo sculptor

The Sex Toy Collective’s Sculptor helps users design and print dildos with a 3D printer. The prints can be used as models to cast actual multi-use molds to create silicone toys. It’s pretty simple for users who don’t have access to a 3D printer too, all that needs to be done is a download of the dildo’s .STL file and followed by an upload to a 3D printing service like 3Dhubs which delivers customers their personalized toy for $5 – $20 depending on the size. 

The best thing about the Sculptor is that it doesn’t require any prior sex toy design knowledge. It’s easy and fun to use for anyone and creators are welcome to upload their designs to this site where over 100 people have shared their sex toy creations!

The Sex Toy Collective is also in the process of developing a few new tools like their ‘Kinklist Generator’, a BDSM test set to be finished by the end of July, which allows people to discover or determine their kinks and explore what brings them pleasure. They also offer users an interactive map of inclusive sex shops around the world.

Join the Sex Toy Collective here and follow them on Twitter for more information and updates!
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