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Jussie Smollett Says “There Is No Closet” For Him

The Empire star, Jussie Smollett, is over the unnecessary drama surrounding his sexuality. The actor/singer spoke with Ellen following his aired interview to dispel a lot of the buzz around his private life and who he is (seemingly mirrored by his character’s struggles seen on the show currently), and we think he did a perfect job. Now people can focus on his amazing vocal prowess instead of who he may potentially be seeing. What a concept!


World’s First Female “Male Model”

Olympic athlete, Casey Legler is breaking the mold of traditionally masculine/feminine beauty standards by being one of the first women to be signed to a major agency exclusively as a male model. Legler considers herself a natural born woman who identifies as queer, not necessarily trans. The former athlete and current Ford Model goes into detail about her position as a newfound role model to the LGBT community and talks about combating traditional societal norms further here.


Woman Wins Battle Against Trans Phobic Gym Patron

Source: instinctmagazine.com

Source: instinctmagazine.com



If you hadn’t heard, Planet Fitness recently stood behind one of their patrons by banning another member for making trans phobic complaints about the trans woman’s mere presence in the facilities. And leave it to Fox and Friends to have an opinion about it. Resident reinforcer of all things “‘Murrica and traditional” Elizabeth Hasselbeck claimed the termination of said membership was “legal insanity”. Really now? Because my definition of “insanity” is someone saying “this person makes me uncomfortable, I WISH THEY DIDNT EXIST.” Seriously tho, where’s that good old American hospitality when it really counts?

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Breaking The Stigma Against Straight Guys And Buttholes.

You heard me. Prominent LGBT vlogger Davey Wavey is constantly asking the hard hitting questions and probing (hehe) both the gay and straight community to find common ground and understand each other better. This video sort of took a more… penetrating approach? I’m sorry, I can’t help it with the puns. But seriously, he posed a good question about male eroticism and why there’s such a big deal about a little a** play. Check out the video for yourself to see what this guy’s verdict is. To butthole, or not to butthole? The answer is up to you.

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 Jazz Jennings Makes History As  Young Trans Cover Model For Clean and Clear

photo (15)

As a part of their #SeeTheRealMe campaign, Clean and Clear approached the young advocate to be the face of the new campaign and we couldn’t be more overjoyed at what this means for the trans and queer community in regards to it’s representation in the media. You go Jazz!!! Also, please follow her on Instagram, it will truly brighten your day (mermaids and rainbows and celebrity guest appearances abound).


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