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It’s that time of the week when I shove my lifestyle down your throat and threaten the sanctity of marriage– I mean, tell you about gay stuff going on in the news!

ABCFamily makes history with youngest gay on screen kiss

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Source: dailymail.co.uk

ABCFamily did something right! Sort of. After Secret Life of the American Teenager and countless TV movies with horrible acting and even horribler writing (yes, I just wrote horribler while critiquing someone’s writing. Deal with it) I’d almost lost hope for the network that mostly caters to small white families somewhere in Ohio or something. But apparently, their original show The Fosters, a show about a blended foster family with two mommies, made tv history the other night with one of the youngest, sweetest, gayest kisses between characters Jude (one of the Foster’s children) and Connor (his best friend). Some are calling it creepy, and saying they’re too young, and I’m calling those people bigoted and too narrow minded to see that I’ve personally had to watch awkward kisses between little girls and boys on tv and in movies my entire young adult life and always always fell short of relating to either. So they can calm down. This is a good thing.

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Eddie Redmayne causes a stir

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

So I know the Oscars just happened, but recent winner Eddie Redmayne is already being buzzed about for next year’s awards with his latest role in The Danish Girl, the story of Danish artist Lili Ebe (aka Einar Wegener), one of the first trans people to undergo surgery. The films buzz is not only due to Oscar whispers, but the choice of using a cisgendered straight male to portray a trans woman has many up in arms about proper representation of the trans community in the media. With this lasts years huge strides in acknowledging and embracing the trans community, this almost seems like a step backwards.



In one of the most touching PSA’s (remember those?) the AdCoucil has released, the message of equality and love rings true and strong. If you have yet to see this viral video making the rounds, take a look below and/or visit lovehasnolabels.com. It features several couples and families of different ages, ethnicities, and genders shown through a giant x-Ray machine, to prove that underneath it all, we deserve to love and be loved without bias. Can I get a group “awwwwwwwww”?


Cara Delevigne + St. Vincent

Source: pagesix.com

Source: pagesix.com

Ok, so this may just be speculation, mindless gossip created by the story-hungry media, or just a really cool what-if, but British super model Cara Delevigne and front woman for St. Vincent aka Annie Clark were spotted at canoodling (one of my favorite gossip column words) at a Brit Awards after party a few weeks ago and were spotted in SoHo together just last week. Apparently this has been a rumor? All I know is I like it. They’re both weird, and cute, and it’s nice to see two people (allegedly) dating without regard for labels. Maybe everyone should just mind their own business and let them be happy together!….Even if it’s all just in our heads…

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Ben Carson’s comments on the Gays

Source: flickr.com

Source: flickr.com

And in Oh-no-you-didn’t! news, neuroscientist and potential presidential candidate Ben Carson’s recent comments about being gay in relation to the prison system went viral. He later apologized for said comments and apparently will now no longer be commenting on gay issues in interviews. Good luck with that whole running the country thing, it’s gonna be kind of tough ignoring a hot button issue for the next few years but, you do that.

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