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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

This week in queer news brought gave us a spectacle, some definite improvements for our everyday qeeer lives, and as always a little hope for the community.



We were all there, we’ve seen the posts all over our feed. But we have to hand it to this year’s Oscars for being one of the most inclusive and dare we say “gayest” Oscars thus far? From NPH being the first openly gay married man to host, to Graham Moore’s stunning speech that shed a light on mental illness, the Oscar’s managed to be the perfect platform for so much social change despite its noticeable lack of diversity . It was kind of a beautiful thing to behold and see how the times they really are a changin’.

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Speaking of changes, get ready to possibly change your Facebook status. And we’re not talking about telling the world about your root canal. The social media outlet just announced a huge update to their user registration and modifications by letting people identify their own gender. With a derth of options normally available to people, this proves as a step in the right direction. Especially after that whole legal name debacle that infuriated the drag and trans communities. Don’t mess with the gays FB.



Another change happening in the realm of technology that hits even closer to some (and by closer I mean the keyboard you probably have tucked away on the phone you’re potentially reading this on) the Emoji app is finally getting the update it deserves to not only include 6 new varying skin tones, but also same sex couples and even little baby queer families. Now I know exactly which emojis to send to my future husband on Tinder!



In global/trans/fashion news, model, muse, and fashion icon in the making, Andreja Pejic walked her first show post-op at London Fashion Week for Giles ’15/’16 A/W collection. The it girl made waves a few years ago walking the runway and the fine line between menswear and womenswear completely baffling some and inspiring others with her androgynous style. We’re happy to report though, that Andreja finally feels comfortable in her own skin now, and acknowledge the fact that beauty can’t be defined by a binary.



And in sadder news that definitely strikes a chord with all of us here in the Bay, we’re sorry to hear that the annual Pink Party (the street party normally held the evening before the San Francisco Pride Parade) has been canceled this year after 2 decades. With the past few year’s increased popularity of the nightly celebration, the party began to retain a reputation of somewhat of a ‘shit show’ and became associated with a lot of the violent outbreaks that were occuring in the midst of the festivities. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a drag troop that are the proverbial fairy godmothers of the gay community here in the Bay were the hostesses and currators of these events, and though they would love for the event to keep going, the matter of funds and permits were becoming increasingly problematic. We’ll see what becomes of the Castro the night before Sunday’s festivities, but I have a weird feeling that some people may not have gotten the memo and will storm the streets of SF in full force without any sort of organization to reign them in. But only time will tell what we’ll become of our beloved Pink Saturday.

Mikell Petty is an avid pizza enthusiast first and foremost. He hails from the sunkissed valeys of Souther California and moved to Bay Area in 2012 in hopes of pursuing a career in fashion. He enjoys long nights of Netflix induced binge eating sessions and his hair color is in a perpetual state of flux. His shoe game however is consistently on point. He makes his living as a weekly contributing writer for Wear Your Voice magazine, a freelance stylist and part-time service industry slave. We sat down to ask him a few questions: If you were a tattoo, what would you be and where? I'd probably be a combination of black geometric shapes or patterns. Something sleek and timeless and it'd either be on my arm or somewhere near my neck. #boldstatement If you were a street in Oakland, which one would you be? Probably Broadway. I love city vibes and views.

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