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To Freedom! Independent Creators on Patreon You Should Be Learning From

We want to share with you a list of other independent creators on Patreon doing important work that aligns with our own mission.

Over the last few months, the Wear Your Voice team has greatly appreciated your generosity in supporting us on Patreon and via monthly donations, whether large or small. It’s incredibly important to support independent media, especially now when the sharing of information and dissenting opinions is under threat by authoritarianism.

We want to share with you a list of other independent creators on Patreon doing important work that aligns with our own mission to educate people about systemic oppressions and provide a space for queer and trans people of color to speak openly about their experiences. Please consider giving your support to other platforms as well, if you are able, and share their resources with friends who might appreciate them.

RaceBaitR is creating freer Black futures

“RaceBaitR is a platform created to explore the various ways race is expressed and defined with the goal of creating a world without all of its intersecting oppressions.

Some might call this race baiting. Okay.

This space is dedicated to imagining and working toward a world outside of the white supremacist cisheteropatriarchal capitalistic gaze with a particular attention to the function of anti-Blackness. Those who insist on wielding that gaze can call us what you like. We aren’t talking to you.”

Layla Saad is creating racial justice advocacy & spiritual thought-leadership. 

“I am a Black feminist writer, a racial justice advocate, a podcast host and a spiritual thought-leader creating change at the intersections of race, feminism, spirituality and leadership.”

I am the author of the viral open letter I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy, as well as the creator of the 28-day #MeAndWhiteSupremacy Instagram challenge, which is soon to be published as a much anticipated self-guided workbook. My work fiercely confronts the oppressive systems of white supremacy and patriarchy, while offering important teachings for transforming consciousness and powerful tools for anti-racism practice. My work has helped thousands of people face and work to dismantle their internalised racism, and has simultaneously created industry-wide paradigm shifts in the spirituality, wellness and personal growth community, and beyond.”

medievalpoc is creating Medievalpoc: People of Color in European Art History

“Medievalpoc is a collection of art, history, and academic resources accessible to anyone. Ph.D. candidates, history educators, fantasy authors, fans of historical media and cultural studies, as well as those who are just interested in learning something different have found new and exciting information at Medievalpoc. These artworks and documentation are readily available on multiple social media platforms, including Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Medievalpoc.org. The goal of Medievalpoc is not to hoard information, but to share it as widely as possible and incite discussion in social as well as activist and educational communities.”

People of Color in Tech (POCIT) is creating A ONLINE CONTENT

“POCIT has a simple objective. To highlight the current achievements of ‘people of color’ within the sphere of technology and startups, and to inspire the next generation. We feature and interview individuals every week across the industry, from startup CEO’s to junior web developers.”

Joamette Gil is creating Comics About Queer People of Color

“I’m a queer Afro-Cuban cartoonist working in the broad spectrums of speculative fiction, autobio, and romance. “Queer woman of color representation” is the name of my game.

If you’ve heard of me before, it was most likely through the award-winning, all-POC comics series I edit, POWER & MAGIC: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology, or through my intersectional education comics on Everyday Feminism and The Nib. You can see more of my comics here!”

The Free Black Women’s Library is creating cool artsy nerdy content inspired by Black Women’s Literature

“The Free Black Women’s Library is a Black Feminist interactive mobile library and biblio installation that is committed to centering and celebrating the voices of Black women in literature. The library currently contains one thousand books written by Black women.”

Laura Mills is creating Queer History

“Making Queer History has a vague title because it has a rather vague purpose. We run a series of articles and a podcast that work to tell the stories of the queer communities history. We are not alone in this aim; other projects have done what we are doing, and they have done it with more funding and more experience. What defines us is that we are not only focused on the past; we are looking towards the future.

Making Queer History has a vague title because it has a rather vague purpose. We run a series of articles and a podcast that work to tell the stories of the queer communities history. We are not alone in this aim; other projects have done what we are doing, and they have done it with more funding and more experience. What defines us is that we are not only focused on the past; we are looking towards the future.

While every article and podcast episode may begin with the sharing of knowledge about queer people/events throughout history most of them end by bringing it back to the now. Because we are working not only to teach people about our history but to bring that history into terms relevant to the present in a segment fondly referred to as “the moral of the story”. Whether we talk about intersectionality, the revolution in just being happy, or reacting to global events, we always work to make the history relevant to your day-to-day life.

When we are not researching queer people who existed in our communities history, we discuss the people who are making history right now. Monthly we look at other queer creators and show you what they are doing so you can find more people to keep an eye out for. Our project is by, for, and about queer people.”

Rest for Resistance is creating Emotional support resources – by Queer & Trans POC, for Everyone

“Rest for Resistance is an online zine & intersectional resources directory by QTPoC Mental Health. Check out our articles on self-care, coping as an activist, how our privileges can be healing, and more at restforresistance.com.

Every $1 donated goes to show marginalized individuals that our survival is valuable, that we are valuable. One-time donations can be made through our website, but what R4R needs to thrive is a community of sustainers who find pride in redistributing resources to queer and trans folks, folks of color, disabled folks and other people in the margins of social support.

Our international team consists of queer & trans people of color (QTPoC) who are passionate about creating emotional support for our many diverse communities. Since QTPoC is inclusive of all genders, all religions and spiritual practices (and lack thereof), all sexual identities, all levels of ability, and every region on the planet, the resources we create have the potential to help millions of people.”

Leslie Mac is creating content

“Get the most from Activist, Organizer and Black Girl Magic conjurer Leslie Mac by supporting the Leslie Mac Lifestyle Patreon. As a thought leader on race in America, I have found my words used in all kinds of settings, classrooms, blog posts, books and of course social media. With this new access point, Patrons will get the real straight from ME! With weekly insights, a monthly reading list, bi-weekly check-in videos and more – join me on this new adventure!”

QueerWOC is creating a digital community for queer women of color.

“Welcome to “QueerWOC: The Podcast”. Join Money and Nikeeta, two Black Queer Troublemakers, on this biweekly podcast celebrating our lives, loves, and laughs. QueerWOC is a space for queer women of color rooted in re-imagining healing and community.”

NOTAFLOF is creating A Community Salon and Art Space

“We are a community of queer and trans* people in North Oakland dedicated to creating a space for transformation. Our collective mission is to provide safer, affordable haircuts, bodywork, healing services, meetings, performance and event space to the East Bay community with “no one turned away for lack of funds” (NOTAFLOF).

Inspired by the work of Open Barbers in London, who offer “queer and trans friendly” sliding scale haircuts every day of the week, our mission is to center queer and trans* people, especially QTIPOC (queer, trans* and intersex People of Color), low income and disabled folks in our communities, who often face greater barriers in employment and housing, and in accessing basic self care services like a haircut. We aim to create a space where diverse communities can intersect and feel included, no matter what their identity or background might be…

We see hair services as a political intersection of race, class and gender identity. We hope our work will serve to offset the very real and current economic struggles of marginalized communities. We intend over time to form a solid collective of stylists, practitioners and activists across a range of identities in the queer community to more fully support both stylists’ and clients’ ability to remain in the Bay Area.”

Brown Girls Out Loud is creating content to center, uplift, and empower

“We are here to create something wonderful for women and femmes of color all over the world. We are about centering us, our work, our voices, and our magic…

Brown Girls Out Loud was born as a way to keep us going individually and also to build something tangible together, something we could share with other women. We hope to offer a space for women of color to be empowered and to celebrate themselves and each other. We truly believe that there is nothing that can’t be done when you have a couple of bad ass sisterfriends supporting you. Join us!

We will bring you content rich in honesty and variety, making you giggle, feel empowered and possibly teaching you a thing or two along the way!”




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Sherronda (she/they) is an essayist, editor, and storyteller writing pop culture and media analysis through a Black feminist lens with historical and cultural context. They often find themselves transfixed by Black monstrosity, survival, and resistance in the horror genre and its many fantastical narratives, especially zombie lore. Read more of their work at Black Youth Project.

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