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Editor’s Note: This article is in part of an ongoing series titled One Suit One Story One Person, chronicling Natalie and their day to day life wearing the same suit everyday for a year . To find out more about Natalie and their project, read their story here


Ian Harvey, Me and my suit, Sarah Hyland


Thursday I decided to hit the San Francisco streets. I grabbed my jacket and fled to see what I could find. I was happy to stumble along the ever funny and charming Ian Harvie from Amazon Prime series Transparent. He was performing at SFOASIS for one night only with Sarah Hyland as the opening act.

Ian is going on a comedic stand-up tour throwing jokes around about everything including his transition from female to male. Born in Maine, Harvie now resides in Los Angeles and is killing it out there, popping up in several different awareness projects including #WEJUSTNEEDTOPEE, an awareness raising campaign that identifies the unique challenges faced by queer and trans people in public bathrooms.  Ian is candid about his personal life from sex, body issues, displaced nipples and what it’s like coming out to his parent and grandmother during his stand up routines.

I was eager to snag an interview with Ian about his tour, but he was too busy being his usual charming self giving a ride to an audience member who had their bicycle stolen while they were watching the show.




Traveler by trade, wanderer by nature, this two spirit walks the earth in hopes to live freely and with ease. I am a trained and skilled artist, journalist, musician, photographer, graphic artist, and producer. I come to Oakland to express myself via Wear Your Voice Magazine as the Manager of Mis-Chief - doing everything from events, photography, graphics, and interviews. If I were to be a tattoo, I would be the essence of light depicted in a abstract brilliance of circles and color with a ratio of time mixed in sparkled and sprinkled a little all over my body. I wouldn't be a street in Oakland, I would be an underground tunnel of excitement and interest. My favorite spot in Oakland is the FOX Theater because I love live music.

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