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Oklahoma Sooners Joe Mixon

Oklahoma Sooners Star Joe Mixon is Back on the Field, but Has He Learned Not to Assault Women?

by A. Big Country

So, Oklahoma Sooners running back Joe Mixon played in Oklahoma’s January 2 bowl game. If you don’t remember Mixon, he’s the one who punched a woman after she spurned his advances.

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Mixon is a top talent at his position, and during the bowl game, he led the Sooners in rushing and receiving yards, scored two touchdowns, and the Sooners won the game.  He’s already announced that he plans to return to school next year, even though he is eligible to enter the NFL Draft.

A couple of weeks ago, the video of Mixon assaulting the woman surfaced. You can watch it below, but be aware that it’s pretty violent:


That’s obviously Mixon getting pushed by the girl, and then punching her in retaliation.  As mentioned in our previous article, the blow broke four bones in her face and knocked her unconscious.

This begs the question why Mixon was allowed to play this week.  From the team’s perspective, Mixon had already been punished with a season suspension and 100 hours community service.  Of course the year suspension was a redshirt year, meaning it did not have an impact on how many years of eligibility he had.

Another question is why the media seemed to be OK with it.  Here is a tweet capturing what Brent Musburger, who called Oklahoma’s bowl game on TV, said.  

Thankfully, Musberger assures us that he’s doing fine.  Whew.  He also wishes him the best with this second chance, and the hope that he has a successful career in the NFL.

Look, I’m for second chances.  In some situations, people grow and learn from their mistakes.  In others, they were proven to be innocent of what they were accused of. Has Mixon proven to fit in either category?  Certainly not number two.  Maybe he’s learned from his mistake, but Musberger certainly can’t speak to that.  But having this kid on the field means better football, so let’s offer him the benefit of the doubt. And that attitude is how we get here in the first place: kids like this get into trouble — and get out of it based on their athletic prowess.        

For the sake of the women at Oklahoma, let’s hope Mixon truly has learned his lesson.  


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