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“Nothing But Light” is a photo series by internationally-acclaimed photographer Anastasia Kuba that explores the concepts of boundaries, vulnerability, and consent.  Kuba’s work is radical because of her wide range of subjects, choosing to honor a diversity of bodies that are rarely the focus of the camera.  The natural light truly seems to bring out each person’s expression and you can see the compassion that the artist has for each of her subjects.

Kuba is currently accepting applications for new subjects, keep reading to find out how you can participate in the “Nothing But Light” series.

Photographer Kuba created the project because “Allowing someone to see your body is a form of surrender. I see the project as a way to create an empathic and respectful space for people to surrender within the boundaries of consent, so they can see themselves, and be seen as they are.”


They further describe the project’s purpose as “To create a consistent, minimalistic body of work that represents people without social implications of interiors and clothes, subjects are photographed nude in a studio: natural lighting, no makeup, no Photoshop.”


Kuba has an interesting background which  helped solidify boundaries for her.  In her twenties, she was a topless dancer.  Negotiating boundaries was a constant issue, and she became very comfortable with saying “no” or “this is not allowed.”

Anastasia Kuba by Jim Nakamura

Anastasia Kuba by Jim Nakamura

While stating boundaries with strangers may have been simple and began to come naturally after a while, the artist found it difficult to create those same safe, healthy boundaries with friends and family.  They have been photographing people for the last seven years.


Kuba explores those boundaries with her subjects and builds relationships with them in the process.  In order to truly solidify the relationship with the subject, Kuba allows them to photograph her nude with their own camera or phone. “Both parties have to fully rely on mutual respect and communication to create collaborative art,” says Kuba.

An interesting aspect of this project is that Kuba truly respects the consent of the individual being photographed.  There are no blanket model release forms; each venue of display is explicitly agreed upon, and negotiation is always open.  The models have the right to pull their photos at any point with an email.  If that participant cancels, their image is replaced on the wall with that email, right beside their original participant statement.


“I’ve been helping people to feel comfortable in their body for the  past 7 years and I understand how important it is, but I also know that beauty and integrity are not connected. I love my body, but I am still struggling to unlink my sense of worth from people’s perceptions. I have already learned that no amount of approval of any kind can help one to love oneself,” says Kuba.


She continues, “Self-love lies elsewhere, in a deep understanding that respect is a human right, not something one needs to ‘deserve,’ because a person’s  life and integrity are sacred.”


Kuba is based in the Bay area. Her studio is wheelchair accessible and she hopes to photograph bodies with a multitude of capabilities. To explore more of the photographer’s work or book a shoot, please visit AnastasiaKuba.com.  She is currently booking subjects for the continuation of “Nothing But Light.”  You can contact Anastasia here.

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Laurel Dickman is an intersectional feminist, plus size model, stylist, and fat activist that can also be found via her blogs, Exile In Dietville and 2 Broke Bitches. She grew up in the south between Florida and North Carolina, migrating to the Portland, OR in 2005. All three places inform her perspective of the world around her a great deal. While in Portland, she worked with the Alley 33 Annual Fashion Show, PudgePDX, PDX Fatshion, Plumplandia, and numerous other projects over the near decade that she was there. In August of 2014, she moved to the Bay area with her partner, David and trusty kitty, Dorian Gray. She continues her body positive and intersectional feminism through various forms of activism, fashion, photography projects, and writing from her home in the East Bay. She can be reached at laurel@wyvmag.com and encourages readers to reach out to her to collaborate!

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