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Today marks Women’s Equality Day, designated by Congress in 1971. Almost 50 years have passed, and we wonder, just how much progress have we truly made? At this moment, America has the worst maternity leave in the world, making it difficult for new mothers to maintain a source of income, leaving new mothers pressured to return to work soon after giving birth, which has been linked to postpartum depression. Statistics from the National Women’s Law Center show that women are more likely to be in poverty-6 out of 10 adults in poverty are women, particularly women of color, single mothers and women over the age of 65, who are twice as likely to live in poverty than men of the same age. Women are still objectified for their bodies, where being topless is still illegal in over half of U.S states, which carries into the workplace, where 1 out of 3 women have been sexually assaulted at work. So while we celebrate today, remember,  National Equality Day shouldn’t be designated to one day out of the year. We need to continue to fight for equality and autonomy over OUR bodies.’ Here’s 10 reasons why we need to continue to push for gender equality. 





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Ravneet Vohra is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Wear Your Voice Magazine, an Oakland based publication redefining the way women are represented in the media. She’s a mum, motivational speaker and writer based out of Oakland, CA. Her favorite food is her mum’s home cooked curry, and her favorite time of the week is Wine O’Clock Wednesday.  Follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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Ravneet Vohra is the founder, CEO of Wear Your Voice magazine, a highly acclaimed, innovative digital publication that has reached huge international success & been acknowledged and applauded by media elite, such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, & Huffington Post. WYV is an intersectional feminist publication, redefining media. An edgy disruptive space covering intersectionality, feminism, body positivity, race politics, mental health and ableism. Thanks giving 2015, Ravneet Vohra was selected by The Huffington Post as one of 11 Women to be thankful for in 2015

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