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Maine protest shirt

U of Maine Men’s Basketball to Protest NC Bathroom Bill at Duke Game

by A. Big Country

As we’ve been reporting on WYV, the North Carolina HB2 law has had some massively adverse effects on the state. Just in the sports world, this has included the loss of the 2017 NBA All-Star game and the loss of some college football bowl and March Madness tournament games.

The University of Maine’s Men’s basketball team is continuing the movement to speak out against this law.

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When they warm up, the Black Bears will wear T-shirts with the name of the conference they play in — America East. But there’s a twist: the shirts will have the conference name and logo in rainbow colors in honor the LGBTQ communities.

They also will wear the shirt when they face off with Duke tomorrow (Dec. 3) at 5:30 p.m. in Durham, North Carolina.  The game will air on ESPN2.

While some teams have gone as far as to cancel games in North Carolina, this statement also goes a long way to make clear that HB2 is not right. What’s more, the home team won’t show much opposition to this statement. Mike Krzyzewski, Duke’s head coach, has called the law “embarrassing”.     

Here’s to the hope that those who passed this law finally come to their senses.  


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