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An all male village council in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, India have ordered the rape of two young women following the elopement of their brother to a married woman.

The brother, 22, eloped with the women, 21, earlier this year after her parents married her off against her wishes. The couple said to have been in love for three years prior to her arranged marriage.

The brother and family are part of the Dalit caste, translated as ‘oppressed’ in Hindi. The name is a self imposed political identity for those formally known as ‘the untouchables.’ The woman is Jet, the higher and most dominated caste in Baghpat. The couple fled shortly after the woman was married and managed to escape from the home she was living at with her arranged husband.

The ruling, which took place July 30, ordered the sisters, 15 and 23, to be raped and endure a public shame walk naked while in Blackface. The are currently in hiding in New Dehli with the rest of their family.

The couple surrendered after discovering the man’s family was being tortured back at home.

Hoping to return home, the older sister, Meenakshi Kumari,  filed a protective order with the India Supreme Court, however another brother involved in the case says things have only worsened following the petition. “After we went to the Supreme Court, the villagers are even more aggressive,” he said when speaking with Amnesty International.

As for the couple, the man is currently in jail on false drug charges, while the woman was sent back home to live with her parents, where she is  currently pregnant with his child.

A petition created by Amnesty International has currently garnered over 150,000 signatures at the time of this writing.

Featured Image: Adam Cohn


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