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Gender binary bathroom sign

Looks Like North Carolina’s Anti-LGBTQ “Bathroom” Law is Going Bye-Bye

by A. Big Country

It’s been a long, hard-fought battle for those who care about LGBTQ rights, and human rights in general, against North Carolina’s HB2 law.  And now, it looks like this fight is coming to an end.

The North Carolina legislature is expected to meet tomorrow, Tuesday, to repeal the law forcing transgender people to use the bathroom associated with the gender they were assigned at birth.  

Democratic Governor-elect Roy Cooper said in a statement: “Full repeal will help to bring jobs, sports and entertainment events back, and will provide the opportunity for strong LGBT protections in our state.”

The fight began in March when the law was passed.  It was widely criticized and, as the mayor alluded to, led to businesses pulling money and events out of the state. Only 32 percent of the state’s voters approved of the law, but Republican Governor Pat McCrory really championed it through approval.  

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Since then, businesses, including the NBA, NCAA, and Paypal have refused to do business in the state, leading to a loss of untold millions of dollars.  Still, the bill remained intact.

During election season, Gov. McCrory was voted out of office — a change many attributed to his position on the HB2 law. McCrory proceed to contest the election results over the next month, only conceding on December 5.  However, Republican legislators held a special session last week in which they passed a slate of measures aimed at limiting Cooper’s power as incoming governor. But Cooper’s not letting that get in his way: today he announced plans to repeal HB2

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