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Bill Maher

Let’s not forget that Bill Maher, who hosted Milo on Real Time on Friday, has uttered problematic shit, too.

With the news that Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos appears to condone sex with 13-year-olds, it would be easy to forget his controversial recent visit to HBO’s Real Time. Yes, it’s satisfying that the “alt-right” darling just lost his book deal and may be fired from Breitbart, but let’s not forget that Real Time host Bill Maher, beloved by the liberal world, found plenty of common ground with Yiannopoulos.

Yiannopoulos, who was also banned from Twitter earlier this year and has had speaking engagements canceled because of his rhetoric (or protests against it), has been ruthlessly and rightfully criticized.

Maher, on the other hand, has largely escaped backlash.

Why is that?

It’s certainly not for want of evidence, as his statements are public record. So public, in fact, that we were able to compile plenty of them in just a few hours.

Below are just a few examples of problematic shit that Bill Maher has uttered:

Maher has blamed parents for police misconduct. As an example, he used officer Ben Fields’ body-slam of a teenage girl as an opportunity to say that, “I also have sympathy for people in authority because I think parents let kids do anything these days so they never listen to authority.”

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Mahers defended Israel killing Palestinians, saying, in a nutshell, that where there’s war, there’s tragedy:

“It’s a war. It’s a war that Hamas started and somehow when Israel reacts to this they have to do everything that doesn’t kill any civilians. People die in wars. Now, I’ve said this before on this show, if the situation was reversed, Hamas would kill every single person in Israel. The reason why that is not happening is because they can’t. Because they can’t doesn’t make them good, it makes them weak.”

Maher called Arab men uncivilized and undatable, saying that “civilization begins with civilizing the men,” and “talk to women who’ve ever dated an Arab man. The results are not good.”

Maher called “political correctness” a “feminine value,” saying:

“I will say that the feminine values are now the values of America. Sensitive is more important than truth. Feelings are more important than facts. Commitment is more important than individuality.”

Mahers equivocated disabled people to dogs, saying:

“I have two dogs. If I had two retarded children I’d be a hero.” (Later, he apologized.)

Maher mocked domestic violence, using an incident between an NFL player and his spouse to make his joke, saying:

“Stop acting surprised someone choked Tila Tequila! The surprise is that someone hadn’t choked the bitch sooner.”


Antwan is an educator, cultural critic, actor, and writer for Wear Your Voice Mag (WYV), where he focuses on the dynamics of class, race, gender, politics, and pop culture. Prior to joining the team at WYV, he was an adjunct professor in the African American Studies Department at Valdosta State University in southern Georgia, where he taught African American Literature. He has traveled the U.S. and U.K. showcasing a fifty-five minute, one-person play titled Whitewash, which focuses on the state of black men in the post-civil rights era. Antwan received his B.A. in English and Literature from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and M.A. in African American Studies from University of California, Los Angeles. He is a Ronald E. McNair Scholar and NAACP theater nominee.

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