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LGBTQ Rights under threat at White House

Well, That Didn’t Take Long: LGBTQ Support Already Disappearing Under Trump

After the LGBTQ page disappeared from the White House website, Trump appointed HB2 defense lawyer John Gore as a civil rights attorney.

by A. Big Country

Plenty of people were disturbed by the election of Donald Trump, who was inaugurated on Friday, January 20.  You don’t have to look too hard to find an offense or slight from the now President. But the LGBTQ community took a couple of hits from Mr. Trump within hours of his inauguration.

For starters, Trump’s people removed the section of the whitehouse.gov website that spoke about the progress on LGBTQ rights made by President Barack Obama’s administration. You can see the page in the archives, here. 

It’s fairly standard procedure to overhaul the White House website when the President changes; there were a number of other pages which went away as well, including ones on border control and college selection for students. These all seem to be issues where Obama and Trump are going to disagree. (Other pages, such as ones dedicated to presidential briefings and nominations and appointments, are also blank — like I said, the site is brand-new).

Who knows what all this means for LGBT rights. But Trump made another move on his first day that, hopefully, isn’t an indication.

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Trump has appointed John Gore as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Such a role would, theoretically, raise hopes that Gore represents a strong record for civil rights. Well, taking a look at his record, the first thing that pops out is that Gore was the defense attorney for the University of North Carolina in defending the HB2 law. That’s the law that, among other things, told transgender folks they had to use the bathroom associated with the gender on their birth certificate. Gore was also the defense attorney for a number of gerrymandering cases, which means redrawing district lines to help with elections.   

If you’re a part of the LGBTQ community, or a person who has empathy for your fellow people, these are not good starts.  Brace yourselves.   


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