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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

In response to the National Rifle Association’s recent release of a series of aggressive recruitment videos, including one that targets Women’s March Co-President Tamika Mallory, local Los Angeles organizations have released their own video demanding that the NRA remove theirs. 

See video here:


“We know that we are not safe, but we are not scared either,” says Funmilola Fagbamila the video’s narrator. “We will continue to produce media, teach students, march, and protest to not only protect the first amendment as fiercely as the NRA protects the second – but to protect our lives from gun-toting racists.”

Patrisse Cullors, founder of Dignity and Power Now who is featured briefly in the video, says, “The NRA is releasing this hate filled propaganda and putting more and more families and communities at risk. We won’t be bullied, or allow for the NRA to continue to spew hate against marginalized communities.” 

The video asks for people to call the NRA at (800) 672-3888 and demand they remove their videos featured below. 





Featured Image: Youtube Screenshot


Ashlee Marie Preston is Editor in Chief of "Wear Your Voice" magazine. Outside of her role at WYV, she is a Diversity Speaker, Media Advocate, and Transgender activist. Ashlee Marie is Secretary, Chair of Communications, and Executive Committee member of the Transgender Service Provider Network of Los Angeles. She is also a board member of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, the Imperial Court of Hollywood/Los Angeles, and is Chair for both Communications and Media Sponsorship for LA Pride. Ashlee Marie is Chair of Special Events & Vice-Chair on Trans Issues with the Stonewall Democratic Club, and is Dinner Gala Table-Captain Co-Chair & a Community Outreach member for the Human Rights Campaign. She is the Lead Advisor for the Gender Odyssey Los Angeles Conference and is on the board of directors for TransCanWork LLC & Mirror Memoirs. In addition to serving the community, Ashlee Marie produces creative content & documentary films that speak to the narrative of marginalized communities. She is a regular feature in BuzzFeed's LGBTQ+ media and hopes that someday her visibility will shift our social ecology in a way that affords Trans individuals greater opportunities. Ashlee Marie was Miss Quest 2016 (APAIT), recipient of the "Connie Norman Advocacy Award" & the "Community Empowerment Award". She received recognition from the Los Angeles Human Relations Commission for her role in the Transgender Civic Engagement Leadership pilot and was listed as one of PopSugar's 40 Most Influential LGBTQ People of 2017.

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