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Joey Rosado is a freelance beauty and lifestyle photographer based in New York whose art highlights the divinity of the Black female. Even though  his photographs are becoming well-known, few people have met the artist behind the work.

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Rosado’s photos display an intense reverence for the Black feminine while fighting beauty standards around colorism and other Eurocentric beauty ideals. Recently his work was featured in the “Colored Girls” campaign. The sole purpose of this photo project was to showcase Black female beauty in several of its hues.

Joey Rosado -- photo of many Black women.

Rosado’s previous project, “Melanina,” named for the Spanish word for melanin, also celebrated the diverse beauty of  Black woman. When asked about his vision for the project, Rosado stated:

“For this project, I photograph portraits of black women in their natural beauty. I want them to embrace their true inner natural self, to love the skin they’re in, to feel unapologetic, to find perfection in their imperfections and to uplift and inspire others.”

Check out more of Rosado’s breathtaking work on Instagram @islandboiphotography.

Joey Rosado photo of a Black woman with long locs. Joey Rosado photo of two Black women with natural hair.Joey Rosado photo of Black woman with natural, gray hair

Joey Rosado photo of woman with flowers and mastectomy scars Joey Rosado photo of women with African head scarvesJoey Rosado photo of woman with blue linesJoey Rosado photo of woman in green dress and headwrap


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