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A few weeks ago, comedian and former late night host Chelsea Handler took to Facebook and released a statement that she would no longer retain her Instagram account after a photo she posted was flagged and taken down due to a violation of Instagram’s “Community Guidelines”.

chelsea handler freethenipple instagram oakland

Handler took to twitter in the midst of the debacle, calling the situation “sexist”, and asking a question that’s never quite fully been explained properly:

“If a man posts a photo of his nipples, it’s ok, but not a woman? Is this 1825?”

twitter screenshot chelsea handler oakland freethenipple

And it got me thinking, What really is the big deal with a little nip?

Evolutionarily speaking, male nipples are a vestigial trait: breast tissue is formed before genitals. It’s a fact.

So, in essence, nipples should be a great uniting force between the sexes. But, for some strange reason it seems to be some ginormous controversy.

Model and Wear Your Voice babe, Mary Rosenberger is no stranger to this sort of controversy, having had dozens of photos taken down on instagram due to their ‘offensive nature’.

mary rosenberger instagram freethenipple model oakland

This photo in particular, which has not actually been taken down, got a lot of exposure due to the story behind it. Click the photo to see the original post and read Mary’s story of overt discrimination.

This kind of treatment towards these sort of situations, is not only more offensive than a little nipple, it’s also extremely discriminatory and blatantly admits a bias with little to no explanation for the reasoning behind it.

The sexualization of breasts isn’t completely sexual in nature. Not necessarily. Again, stemming from ideas of evolution, breasts are something crucial to human development in general. A woman with fuller breasts may be seen as a better candidate for procreation because said breasts may offer more milk. Or…. something like that.

Basically, boobs = life. People like being alive. They want other things to be alive. Ipso facto, breasts are awesome.

However, this sexualization takes on a new form in objectifying women in the eyes of men. Because we’ve been socialized to simultaneously view breasts as sexual and, at the same time, repress that sexuality (especially in public), there has forever been this constant battle of seeing something as beautiful but, almost too beautiful in nature and idea. The old Adam-and-Eve complex.

So, there you have. There’s the problem….. So…… What can we do to change it?

Source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/166164802/1-large-miley-cyrus-nip-slip-sticker?ref=market

First things first, let’s stop trying to deny it’s a problem and telling women they should just fall in line with societal norms.

Yes, there are rules in place in society to keep order. We like those ones. But then, there are rules that just so happen to completely forget a large group of people with similar perspectives. When you deny rights to a group of people (in this case quite literally half the population), you’re going to have some major problems, and a few upset individuals.

Also, check yourself. If you seem to think that an action is wrong for one group of people, and not for your own, take a second… just one little baby second…. now imagine yourself as that other person…. Imagine being told you weren’t allowed to do that thing you’ve never really thought twice about and just imagine someone telling you that that’s so wrong that your government, your God and your social media networks are not ok with it.

Kinda sucks, huh?

tumblr freethenipple oakland


tumblr freethenipple oakland

The problem with showing a little nipple, seems to go a lot further than I think some seem to understand. Freedom, Liberty, something that Thomas Jefferson declared a “right”, is being infringed when you tell a woman to cover up. It’s telling her that she doesn’t get to do something because of the “sexual nature” of her anatomy. No one may have ever said life was going to be fair, but isn’t it our duty as decent human beings to try and make it that way?

We stand with you Chelsea! And tbqh, we think you look way better than Vladmir Putin. Just sayin’.

chelsea handler instagram freethenipple facebook oakland


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