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Sabreena Lachlainn Wants to Be the First Trans Woman to Sail Around the World

Sabreena Lachlainn aboard her boat.

Sabreena Lachlainn aboard her boat.

Sabreena Lachlainn, a self-described “Christian woman who also happens to be transgender,” plans to set sail next year in a non-stop trip around the world.

The God’s Wind tour was created as a way to be a voice for the trans community, to show the world that “being transgender is a gift, not a curse, not something to be frowned upon, but to be celebrated.” Lachlainn hopes to speak out for those who have been made to feel unloved and isolated because of their identities.

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Yea I am so ready!

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“When I went through my transition, I felt like there wasn’t anyone out there rooting for me, especially in my darkest hours, and this is what God’s Wind 2017 is setting sail to change. It is important for me to engage our at-risk LGBT community, young and old. Long term, I want to use my project as a way to inspire others to follow their dreams, to not listen to the naysayers, the disbelieving or anyone who says, ‘you can’t do that.'” Lachlainn says.

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The goal of God’s Wind is to reach a worldwide audience, simultaneously celebrating her faith and identity as a transgender woman, which unfortunately many Christians have spoken out against. Lachlainn wants to show the world that the two can exist simultaneously within the same person.

“The boat I will be using is called an Open 40,” says Lachlainn. “It is also known as a Class 40. These boats are designed for racing. They are lightweight, fast and they more or less have a very shallow bottom. Unlike a traditional sailboat that sits low in the water, these boats are designed to surf above the waves and made specifically to handle the big rollers, such as the waves I will encounter in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica.”

Master yachtsman and solo sailing legend Bruce Arms of Gold Coast Queensland Australia has joined Lachlainn’s advisory team as project adviser/boat manager. Joining Arms is master yacht rigger David Lambourne of Brisbane, Australia, who was responsible for outfitting teen sailor Jessica Watson’s boat for her 2010 solo. The person who will be guiding the journey around any potentially dangerous weather is New Zealand meteorologist Bob McDavitt.


“I am so happy to have the support and the guidance of these three preeminent men in the world of solo sailing, and it speaks strongly to their unwavering belief, confidence and faith in my ability to make this odyssey,” Lachlainn says.

Jacie Leopold, survivor of a transgender-directed hate crime in Arkansas, will consult as Lachlainn’s nutritionist for the harrowing journey of 24,000 nautical miles over seven months.

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Another shot.

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“I hope to show anyone who is struggling that no matter how long the odds, no matter what the naysayers will claim, that if you have a dream, work hard at pursuing that dream then anything is possible,” Lachlainn says. “Over 3,000 people have successfully climbed Mt. Everest, over 500 people have gone into space, yet NO transgender man or woman has ever sailed solo around the world let alone attempted it. That is how big this challenge is going to be, how hard it is going to be and how much I will have to train and work to make it a success.”

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