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The best part about discovering podcasts has been in finding the community of like-minded people that I can learn from and listen to every week.

Podcasts are my jam. I got into them after co-hosting my own show and realizing that there is a freedom in creating podcasts that you can’t find in other mediums. It doesn’t take much to start creating your own podcast, and it seems like they’re more accessible than ever.

But the best part about discovering podcasts has been in finding the community of like-minded people that I can learn from and listen to every week.

Though my interests in podcast topics can range (seriously: I listen to everything from sexuality focused podcasts to ones on self-care, pop culture, and veganism), I noticed that I was gravitating towards tuning in for podcasters of color. The importance of podcasts which uplift and center communities that often aren’t given space in is essential.

Here are a few femme-led* podcasts that I’ve been obsessing over these last few months, and who should be on your radar to download now.

*Note: not all of the hosts, on all of these podcasts, identify as femme.

Femme, Collectively

Femme, Collectively (Left: Corinne Kai and Right: Rahel Neirene)

This one is definitely biased since I know these femmes IRL, but that only makes this recommendation that much more authentic. Femme, Collectively is a podcast ran by Corinne Kai and Rahel Neirene, two femmes based in New York who make their podcast “out of love and intention to create space for queer femmes.” Each episode tackles different topics that lie at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and identity, as well as interviewing a new femme each week who connects to the topic of the week.

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Inner Hoe Uprising

Image via Inner Hoe Uprising (@innerhoeuprising)

I found this podcast one day on Twitter and never looked back. Inner Hoe Uprising is led by four Black hosts: Sam, Rob, Akua, and Rebecca and every and any topic within sexuality is covered. The best part? The hosts are all Black.

In a time when BIPOC are fighting to make space for ourselves and the topics that relate the most to us, Inner Hoe Uprising is one of the spaces that helps to give me hope. There’s something really special about marginalized people creating spaces for themselves, and this podcast reminds me so much of that. It’s definitely worth a listen if you haven’t heard them already.

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Hoodrat to Headwrap: A Decolonized Podcast

Ebony Donnley and Ericka Hart (image via @ihartericka)

Sexuality professional and activist Ericka Hart leads this podcast with her partner, Ebony Donnley. Each month, the pair chats about decolonizing topics within identity as well as pop culture. The dynamic between Ericka and Ebony is what really makes this podcast work, and I’m excited to tune in every time a new episode is dropped.

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Featured Image: Eye for Ebony on Unsplash



Cameron is a Black femme writer and sexuality educator living near New York City, bringing a much-needed Black femme-centered lens into everything she does. She writes passionately about culture, tech, sex, identity and everything in between. When she's not writing or working, you can find her reading or fangirling and giving back to the community, both IRL and virtually.

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