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I love wearing dresses and skirts. Everyone who knows me knows this because I’ve gone on record saying that I hate pants. Pants are stupid. I fight the good fight against the tyranny of pants. However, on the very odd occasion, I do wear them (jeggings only, because they’re basically pajama pants that I can wear with boots). My mother, without fail, comments on how she likes me in pants. No harm, right? But whenever I wear dresses, I always hear, “Is your skirt short enough?” or some variation telling me my skirt/dress is not an acceptable length. I know in my heart that she means well, but DAMN. If it makes me feel good and cute, can I just wear it without judgment? What is with the innate need to comment? I wear booty shorts underneath all my dresses and skirts, so it’s not like I’m flashing my goods to anyone, and I’m very careful when I have to bend down and pick something up. I’m overly sensitive by nature, so when comments like these are said to me, I can’t help but feel like I’m being rejected or insulted. I feel most comfortable when I’m in a dress, no matter the length, so when I’m constantly told in a disapproving tone that it’s too short, I can’t help but feel salty.

If my mother is reading this, I LOVE YOU! I’m not trying to villainize you. I would just like not to be put down for my fashion choices.

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Now that I’ve officially joined the 30-something club as of January 12, myself and other ladies aged 30 and over should stop wearing mini skirts according to Rant Chic’s article of things women over 30 shouldn’t wear.

The skirt shown on Rant Chic  isn’t exactly the best example of a mini skirt; it’s kind of ratty looking and cut right underneath the woman’s bum. I think some mini skirts and short-cut dresses can be really cute when worn the right way, no matter what your age. I’m a big fan of a-line/skater skirts. During colder months, I like wearing them with plush lined tights and boots to keep my legs warm. And in the summer, am I supposed to suffer and have the upper half of my legs be all hot and sweaty while they’re covered in a skirt with a more “appropriate” length? NO. I WILL NOT.

Is your mini skirt showing a bit more thigh than usual, but covers enough of your ass to not show the world your chonies? If that’s the case, that’s totally fine.  It’s also about using your better judgment for when to rock a mini. Do you work in a conservative workplace? Probably best to stick with more “work appropriate” attire and leave the mini for weekends or when you have time off. When I’m not writing for Wear Your Voice, I work as a tutor at a community college. I’ve worn minis now and then to work, usually with tights to try and mask the shortness of my skirt, and I’ve never had any problems with my supervisor or the students I work with. If anything, my students only get distracted when I’m wearing an overly geeky outfit, and we go off topic because we’re talking about Star Wars, Harry Potter, or the latest Marvel movie that’s about to come out instead of the article they’re supposed to be annotating. Whoops!

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Also, note how the Rant Chic article says, “By this age, women should know it’s always better to leave something to the imagination.” To whose imagination? A man’s? You know that’s what they probably mean. I don’t know about everyone else, but when I dress myself, I don’t think about what other people, especially men, will think of my outfit when I walk out the door. I dress up for myself because it makes me feel good. So fuck that whole leave-something-to-the-imagination thing.

If you happen to be over 30 and want to wear a mini skirt, rock it with conviction and only wear it if it makes you feel fabulous.

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Nina Penalosa is a self-proclaimed geek that has a penchant for fancy things. She loves taking inspiration from characters she adores from different walks of pop-culture and blending them into her everyday wardrobe, which she hopes will inspire Wear Your Voice readers to seek fashion inspiration beyond the pages of a magazine. She lived in the Bay Area for a brief period of time as she earned her B.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. When she's not working her day job or writing, you can either find her running marathons of the Netflix variety, hanging out with her dog, working on a craft project, window shopping, or being nose deep in a book. Nina also runs her own personal fashion/lifestyle blog called Le Fancy Geek where she writes about all things geeky and fancy (of course). You can also find Nina on: Instagram: @lefancygeek Twitter: @lefancygeek

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