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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

The moment has come in the life of Wear Your Voice where I stop long enough to share, share from right within the crazy mind of Ravneet Vohra, the entrepreneurial brain that never ever switches off and yet for the last 7 months I have sat silently watching, with my brain constantly ticking. And now I do what WYV set out to do from the beginning, share a piece of me… so you, the reader, can get a flavor of the voice behind WYV.

I took a long hiatus, I had to. I took a huge step back and watched…I watched as my vision unfolded, along the way there have been a few moments of confusion and so many moments where I have thought ”what the fuck am I doing?” and then mostly I did this…. 😉

source: bluntcards.com

source: bluntcards.com

But, there is one thing that this entrepreneur will share with you – I knew if I stopped to put more thought into this vision, I would lose my courage, over think and in that moment I would self sabotage the only non living, living thing in my life….this magazine cannot be touched and I love to touch, this magazine is on line and I am technically phobic, this magazine has challenged my very existence…it has been one of the most successful creations of my life!

I have been asked so many times, and I am still not sure why this is the ”go-to” question faced by so many entrepreneurs, because personally there are so many other far more exciting questions worth asking, but I shall leave that to another update but hey ho as per normal, I digress, the burning question asked is ‘what would you do differently?’, ”errr..nothing!”

As I sit here today thinking about what I as editor would like to share with you all…it is most definitely this…

This week WYV lost one of our favorite and loved writers, (she’s alive btw, sometimes I make things sound far more dramatic than they are!). The beauty of her departure from WYV is this – She stood strong and chose #wearyourvoice and not #dontwearyourvoice. Make of that what you want, if you have been paying attention to the voice of #wearyourvoice, you will totally understand that. She leaves with integrity! Go Stri! I am so proud of you.

So it has been yet another busy WYV moment. I managed to get into a super, duper, fantabulous party, full of highly successful serial entrepreneurs. One of the guests none other that creator of Siri! Yes! HA! I so wanted to talk to him, but I refrained, instead I chose to have imaginary conversations with Siri that go a bit like this…

source: funnysiriquestions.net

source: funnysiriquestions.net

and this…

source: freemake.com

source: freemake.com

My only question to him would have been, ”why is she a she?”

Now I have to say, missy not very judgmental, but obviously I am, expected the hostess of this very fantabulous party to be something like ”Mummy Kardashian meets desperate housewife of NYC”.  Well, she wasn’t and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a touch disappointed, doesn’t it make for much more exciting moments when your hostess is like a celebrity or something??? She even restocks her own guest bathroom with hand towels all-by-herself. Yes, see, I can hear you gasp too! If I had that much $$ I would not re-stock a damn thing, I would employ someone to do it, but hey that’s me, and that is quite possibly why I am not that fucking rich…yet!

After I got over the 15 million dollar house I was being hosted in I came across more challenges.

I got first hand the feeling of women not supporting women….again…it is a work in progress… I shall refrain from breaking into a bitch session and leave it there…

….Okay no I won’t, but I have one thing to say to anyone reading this. WYV is the kind of publication to watch, why? Because we don’t bring people down but bring them up, it is not the intention of WYV to destroy anyone, but unfortunately the media has such a bad reputation of doing this, that the general public  automatically assume we will do the same. We don’t bitch about you, simple, we just present the you that means something to our audience, #wearyourvoice re-defining the way women are represented in the media, and revolutionizing the conversation.


Ravneet Vohra is the founder, CEO of Wear Your Voice magazine, a highly acclaimed, innovative digital publication that has reached huge international success & been acknowledged and applauded by media elite, such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, & Huffington Post. WYV is an intersectional feminist publication, redefining media. An edgy disruptive space covering intersectionality, feminism, body positivity, race politics, mental health and ableism. Thanks giving 2015, Ravneet Vohra was selected by The Huffington Post as one of 11 Women to be thankful for in 2015

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