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This month at Wear Your Voice was one of our most successful months to date, and we couldn’t have done it without you-our readers! Thank you for you continual support of  our mission to redefine media. As we set our sights on the months ahead, we have come to a crossroad, where we are doing some fine tuning of our own. Since founding Wear Your Voice in 2014, my mission has been to redefine the way women are represented in the media. As we finish 2015 (where has time gone?!) WYV has grown into a hub of activism where we touch on a myriad of issues that are not necessarily gender specific, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, breaking news, politics and the latest trending stories that matter most to you.

Earlier this year, we began to look beyond Oakland. Realizing issues such as tech diversity and gentrification weren’t exclusive to Oakland, I decided to look beyond our borders and bring light to such issues in communities around the world. Since making that decision, we have become an international publication, where we are now read in 150 countries around the world and have been picked up by major publications such as Huffington Post, BustleDaily Mail UK, among other notable news outlets. Even North Korea loves our intersectional feminism (who knew?!)

In the same token of tipping our hat to Oakland, the stomping ground from which Wear Your Voice was born, the place where I first felt free to finally Wear My Voice-to be my true and authentic self after 37 years of living in silence, WYV will always continue to be a space that devotes a large part of our energy to dismantling the representation of women in the media. We will continue to give voice to other issues and invite you to continue the discussion with us.


With love,

Ravneet Vohra

Ravneet Vohra is the founder, CEO of Wear Your Voice magazine, a highly acclaimed, innovative digital publication that has reached huge international success & been acknowledged and applauded by media elite, such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, & Huffington Post. WYV is an intersectional feminist publication, redefining media. An edgy disruptive space covering intersectionality, feminism, body positivity, race politics, mental health and ableism. Thanks giving 2015, Ravneet Vohra was selected by The Huffington Post as one of 11 Women to be thankful for in 2015

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