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Why I’m Not Scared After Trump Said He’s Willing To Blow Us All To Kingdom Come.

Donald Trump’s philosophy on nuclear programs shouldn’t make you scared. It should make you angry and battle-ready.

Folks, at this point nothing Donald Trump says or does that’s out of the political ordinary surprises me. And, honestly, it shouldn’t surprise or shock you, either.

He’s insulted people of color. He’s offended the disabled community. He’s pandered to known racists and racist hate groups. He’s criminalized abortion and poverty. He’s encouraged violence to silence his political critics. He’s vowed to turn America into a police state. He could come out right now and say, “I wish Hitler had won the war” and I’d coolly shrug my shoulders.

Not because I don’t care. But because I know it’s Donald Trump being Donald Trump. Long before the present hour, he took John McCain’s maverick ethos and ran with it.

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So, when he says in this video, on various occasions, that he would consider weaponizing nuclear arms, that he would never consider taking the deadliest and most destructive of any weapon of mass destruction off the tables, I don’t get scared. I get angry and charged. I know this particular line of thinking on foreign policy is very much consistent with his overall identity as an outsider, a non-establishment candidate who plays by his own set of rules.

Is it frightening? Sure, to the extent that we don’t take our own political efficacy seriously. And I don’t mean obligating ourselves to make decisions strictly from a perspective of fear.

It’s frightening if we believe that Donald Trump is an invincible, omniscient, transcendental force who cannot be challenged, opposed and defeated directly. It’s frightening if we believe that his political cousin, Hillary Clinton, would be any better. Her track record on issues of war and peace speaks for itself. She can’t be trusted.

It’s frightening if we believe that the world is so bought up that absolutely nothing and no one — especially those who exist at the bottom of America’s social ladder — can knock Donald Trump off his high horse. And not by placing the lesser evil in his way.

The man with the orange face would blow the world to kingdom come if given the chance to service his own ego. That’s a fact.

And yet, even after staring the knowledge of this squarely in the face, I’m still not afraid of Donald Trump.

I refuse to be.

We’ve been down this path before. There are plenty of historical precedents of megalomaniacal political tyrants bent on ruling the world.

Hitler. Mussolini. Stalin. Guess what? We stopped them all. We rallied behind one another and ended their reigns of terror.

Call me naive, but I believe it’s within our reach to do that now. I believe it’s within our ability to take the fight directly to Donald Trump and his supporters, not curtail his rise to power by voting for Hillary Clinton.

I’m convinced this is the path we must take, even if he should win.


Antwan is an educator, cultural critic, actor, and writer for Wear Your Voice Mag (WYV), where he focuses on the dynamics of class, race, gender, politics, and pop culture. Prior to joining the team at WYV, he was an adjunct professor in the African American Studies Department at Valdosta State University in southern Georgia, where he taught African American Literature. He has traveled the U.S. and U.K. showcasing a fifty-five minute, one-person play titled Whitewash, which focuses on the state of black men in the post-civil rights era. Antwan received his B.A. in English and Literature from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and M.A. in African American Studies from University of California, Los Angeles. He is a Ronald E. McNair Scholar and NAACP theater nominee.

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