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If you're not equipped with a Tarot deck yet, we're here to help!

By Donyae Coles Tarot is an excellent skill not just for telling fortunes at a party but also for self-reflection. Learning to read the cards can help you figure out where your life is heading how you really feel about it. The problem is that there’s a lack of diversity in tarot cards. The good news is, they may be a bit harder to find but they are out there. There are some wonderful decks that feature a wide range of diversity but you have to dig for them. Dust II Onyx and Next World Tarot are both amazing for representation but the problem with both is that they’re not available for purchase (but you can preorder them). Here are eight (ish) decks that feature diversity and you can buy them right now.

The Affordable

Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot: This deck is a fantasy-inspired deck based on the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) style of tarot cards. They  feature a variety of people dressed a medieval/fantasy style of clothing and involved with various magical dealings. Although it seems like this would just be a bunch of white people, the cards feature people of various colors and although body size and shape diversity is lacking, it does show people in different romantic pairings. This deck is rich with esoteric knowledge and symbols, but is easy enough to read for a beginner. Haindl Tarot: This deck’s art is more experimental and the card type is Thoth, the second most popular tarot type. This deck has pip cards for all of the minors which means it only shows the suits and the number, but there is some variation in the illustrations, so look closely! The major arcana and the court cards both feature people from various cultures. This deck may seem a bit scary at first but it’s light hearted and the art is quite beautiful. Tarot Illuminati: This is a very basic take on the RWS deck. The cards look very lovely with gilded edges but at the end of the day, they are a very traditional set. Like Modern Spellcaster, the figures are dressed in more medieval clothing style but the art is more consistent with the classic deck. It doesn’t have as much diversity but for a reader on a budget who wants to see people of other colors, this is a solid deck. The artist’s follow up deck, Tarot Apokalypsis, has much more diversity but is much harder to work with.

In a world that expects us to pour from an empty cup, your team only seeks to fill your cup and often a simple gesture of gratitude is all that is required.

We pay homage to our ancestors. We recognize and give thanks to the ancestors whose names we know and those we don’t. We pay gratitude to the land upon which we live. We make the commitment to honor and care for our bodies as we honor and care for the land. We know that we are sacred and give thanks for all the ways our spirit team reminds us of this fact. Give thanks for our remembering. Ase.
Finding the space to create, nurture and define as ‘sacred’ can often be the hardest part in creating sacred space. The world is in a state of massive shift, turmoil and unrest; it often feels like there is nowhere for respite and nothing is treated as sacred anymore — sometimes can only access our sacred space inside of ourselves. Because of our trauma(s) and lived experiences, sometimes going inside is scary and we can only access the sacred outside of ourselves, first. Sometimes we question if we deserve it. And even more so, we question what we will invite in through the creation of that space. We hold the right to make every space we step onto sacred, and I seek to remind you, that though it don’t feel like it — everywhere you step is sacred. This land has been made sacred from creation. We are continually reminded that it is still upheld and fought for as sacred by the many Indigenous nations who still take seriously this responsibility, despite colonialism working in opposition to this. The foremost part of developing sacred space is knowing that this land is inherently sacred, and it is our responsibility, as settlers and stolen bodies, to treat this land as such and regard our many communities that inhabit it, as such.

Below are some medicines that are effective in healing the heart, from a physical, mental and emotional perspective.

We pay homage to our ancestors. We recognize and give thanks to the ancestors whose names we know and those we don’t. We offer gratitude for their patience with us, especially as we learn to love ourselves the way they so eagerly give us their love & acceptance. We choose to heal our hearts, the way we see fit. We choose to support each other in our efforts around defining and engaging in our individual understandings of self-care. Give thanks for the reclaiming of our hearts. Ase.
This has been a hard time for our hearts. We have been shedding and letting go of some stuff we thought would be with us forever. Especially the people we thought would be with us forever. But that shedding has been necessary. Through these transitions, we realize that our hearts have held our pain and our fear for so very long, and we’ve relied upon them to carry more constriction than they were ever meant to; we cannot survive wholesomely on fear. Our spirits and our hearts crave the joy we are so often not allowed to claim in the current state of the world. We deserve to feel the immense amount of love that is vibrating around us; from family, friends, our spirit team, our lover(s), ourselves. Know that in the deepest depths of our self-loathing, there is still love there — often hard to syphon out, it lies in wait for you to catch it and elevate it. Your guides are sitting in wait for you too — trying to help your heart communicate with you and let you know what it needs and when. Below are some medicines that are effective in healing the heart, from a physical, mental and emotional perspective. These are medicines that will not interfere with any pharmaceutical methods of self-care that folks are engaging in. These methods can be integrated into any heart-healing ritual or be used as a jumping off point for one in-design:

Whether it be through prayer, meditation or dream speak, now is the perfect time to begin to navigate this power we are all capable of holding.

We pay homage to our ancestors. We recognize and give thanks to the ancestors whose names we know and those we don’t. We pay gratitude for their continued communicative efforts with us, for their guidance on our healing and their acts to ensure our return to them; our return to ourselves. Give thanks for our communion. Ase.
Natoya Hall is a seer who knows that her purpose in this life is to awaken others to their healing gifts, and carry messages of divine healing from the ancestral realm to ours. Her method is millions of years old, practiced by her Caribbean ancestors, and it has not only allowed her to transform the lives of her community, but it has healed her along the way. Hall is an energy worker, which she describes as an individual who “can harness the intricate energies of the Universe to heal self and others…[someone who] can access that portal within themselves that activates their infinite healing power.” And through opening this portal, one can freely commune with guides and ancestors, such that divine healing knowledge is communicated in-depth. As a Spiritual Guide and Tarot Reader, she works through clairvoyant and clairaudient communion with whom she defines as guides, ancestors, angels and God (Creator). She, like other healers/witches, works with spiritual energy. Spiritual energy, called ‘ase’ in Yoruban teachings, is the life-force that breathes existence into this earth, and it is with this force that we can create and shift circumstances on this earth, through blessing from the gods and our guides. It is this spiritual energy, or ase, that is fueled with the ancestral love that Hall believes facilitates her ability to heal (with) energy.

To the grieving: you have every right to be angry. You have every right to be sad. You have every right to the space required to navigate your pain.

We pay homage to our ancestors. We recognize and give thanks to the ancestors whose names we know and those we don’t. We ask them to hold us close. We ask them to keep our spirits strong and our hearts cradled. We ask for their assistance in the pursuit of justice for our peoples. Keep safe our indigenous, black, migrant, muslim, queer, trans and femme family. Watch over the womyn; they are our greatest warriors. May we be present for each other, but most importantly, present for ourselves. Ase.
We do not deserve the emotional, mental and physical assault that our communities are facing. We do not deserve the leadership we are being given. We do not deserve leadership that does not believe in the inherent and equal value of our black and brown lives. We do not deserve a leader who ignores us and lies to our faces with ignorant condescension. We deserve accountability. We, in fact, should be combatting the structures that have allowed patriarchal and white supremacist ideology to thrive. We should prioritize protecting the sacred. We should be dismantling the systems that continue to seek our obliteration. We have every right to a safe and fruitful existence on this earth, in each of our lives.  You deserve breath. You deserve time to grieve. You deserve respite. You deserve justice. You have every right to be angry. You have every right to be sad. You have every right to the space required to navigate your pain. You have every right to retreat into self. You have every right to retreat to other folks of color, specifically. You have every right to define your spaces of safety and stay there. You have the right to each and every emotion flowing through your body right now.

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