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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

My name is Patience Creekmore I’m 17 and I was born and raised in Mobile Alabama. Growing up in a gaming family, video games eventually became a very big part of my life. At WYV I talk about video games and what it is like to be a competitive girl gamer. Currently I am working on building esport teams to compete in competitions across the united states. I am a YouTuber as well, I recently got my partnership with YouTube playing games online and making funny videos and Legend of Zelda walkthroughs and after it took off that is when I got a notification from WYV saying that they needed a gamer girl and I was totally into it. Living on the opposite side of the United States, I’ve never visited Oakland, but I plan to sometime in the future and who knows, I may stay there. In school I have commanded drill team competitions in the army ROTC, received several high end awards for ROTC and band, and I’m currently the head of building and programming in our robotics team. In college I plan to go into robotics and game design. If I was a tattoo I would probably be a cliché Japanese symbol on the foot because no one knows what it means half of the time so they just assume it is something really cool when in fact it just says potato.

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